A December To Forget 12

A December To Forget 12

A December To Forget 12 ( #cccdec2forget ) bit.ly/cccdec2forget-12

Since last year’s Inktober I’ve been taking prompts from these type of drawing challenges and weaving them into stories. For this one I’ll be using various December drawing prompts

Last December I did “A December To Remember” (use #cccdec2rem to check it out) and during this May I did the drawing part of a story called “Mayday” (use #cccmayday to check it out). I’m still SLOWLY writing that one.

This is a sequel to “A December To Remember” called “A December To Forget” featuring Barbarious (my version of Thor) and The Underwater Monarch (my version of Aquaman/Namor) who were in “A December To Remember”. This story will also feature various other characters including one from my last project like this “A 2nd October Surprise” (use #cccoctsurprise2 to check it out), Spiderous-Gal (my version of Spider-Gwen/ Ghost Spider)

Dec. 12
Nutcracker – @guild_of_calamity #25DaysOfCreepmas
Gifts🎁 – @creepy_st #creepydecember
Lights – @mirdrawing #mirdrawdecember
Nose👃🏻 – @inkxmas #inkxmas #inkxmas2018
None – @dinocomics4ever #12KnightsOfChristmas #WinterKnights
Comfort Food – @deaduniquearts #DUADrawcember
Gingerbread – @monicamarinhoart #dELFcember
Twelve – @mystrangebones #SolsticeGroove
Tasty Recipe👨🏻‍🍳 – @brea_reese @mymomenta @my_artc #MerryAndBrightChallenge