The Onward March Of Automation 23

The Onward March Of Automation 23


I’m taking the prompts from various March drawing challenges including “March Of Robots” and weaving them into a story. I’ve been doing this with monthly drawing challenges for a while. The idea for this one was inspired by a Youtube video about Mega Man 2. Follow this using #cccautomarch

March 23

  • Blade🗡️  @chocolatesoop #MarchOfRobots #MarchOfRobots2019
  • Dynamic @dalgeor_art #EquineMarch
  • Crystal🔮   @ambershirelle @stardustcindy #MoogleMarch
  • None @evebluefoot @eglebartolini #gothspringchallenge
  • Fragile / Ant🐜 @mattdyedraws #MarchOfRobotsMashUp