WTF are you?!

Hey there, I’m Ricky.  Nice to meed you!  Basically I do comics and rap, and this is where I put the comics.  I’m DC born and Maryland raised (Rockville to be specific), and I now live in Clarksburg, MD.  I got an assocaite’s degree in Illustration and a certificate in Computer Graphics from Montgomery College.  It should be noted the comics here have cursing and violence, but there are censored versions that are curse-free to make them more work-safe.

WTF is Q-boy?!

Q-boy is character I made up in high school, and did stick figure comics about, along with my friend, Daniel FitzGerald.  Originally the idea was Q-boy was suppose to be really lame, but he quickly became this bastard jerk version of a super hero.  I see Q-boy as the anti-Superman, he’s a guy that’s in it for all the wrong reasons, but usually ends up being the only guy strong enough to actually save the day.  Q-boy has an infrequent long-form comic, and shorts.  The shorts are sort of the behind the scenes stuff that doesn’t affect the continuity of long-form comic.

WTF is The Bastardized Ninja?!

The Bastardized Ninja as a whole truly begins, and ends with my friend, and co-worker Reagan Myers.  As I’ve said to him quite a few times Reagan Myers is a comedy genius.  He can spontaneously come up with hilarious, gruesome, dark, twisted content, and it seems to take him little to no effort (and easily enough of it to fill a 2 hour car ride).   It’s much like Daniel FitzGerald, and his contributions to Q-boy.  Basically this comic is just me taking things he randomly talked about and fleshing the stuff out and making it make sense (relatively anyways).   The Bastardized Ninja is a deranged obsessive character that is fueled almost entirely by selfishness, and an extremely warped sense of honor.

The Bastardized Ninja Shorts differ from the Q-boy Shorts by being more action-oriented and experimental in style.  I see Q-boy as the Anti-Superman, Kill-Man (to be introduced in Q-boy #3) as the Anti-Spiderman, and The Bastardized Ninja as the Anti-Batman.  I’ll let the respective comics explain why.

2 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Hey Ricky, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a follow, I really appreciate that. One of the things I like about your comics I like a lot is the perspective and POV. Good job there, keep it up.


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