Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-18-19 Absolute Carnage #3

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel

Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 

09-18-19 Absolute Carnage #3


 Absolute Carnage #3

Maybe I missed something that happened in the “Venom” comic (which I’m not reading), but in the last issue of this comic “Venom” left “Miles” to get a beat down and get taken over by “Carnage” while he bailed with “The Scorpion”. Now though, he’s back with “Norman Osborn-Carnage” and “Carnage-Miles” or whatever. After a bunch of loser-monologuing about regretting that he lost “Miles” and generally losing to “Carnage” because he’s a loser, “Venom” says something about “Norman’s” grandson “Normie” that makes “Norman-Carnage” lower his guard. Against “Eddie’s” wishes the “Venom” symbiote takes this opportunity to stab him in the heart. The “Venom” symbiote wants to take the codex that “Norman” has but at this moment “The Scorpion” is getting stomped by “Carnage’s” minions and “Eddie” choose to save him instead. This, of course, makes “Venom” lose the opportunity to get “Norman’s” codex and his symbiote heals him.

“Venom” bails with “Scorpion” and takes him to “The Maker’s” hideout. “The Maker” isn’t there, but gets greeted by “Spider-Man”, “Captain America”, “The Thing”, “Wolverine” and “Bruce Banner” when he gets there. After talking to them a bit “Eddie” hugs his son and then there’s something about a black cat with green stripes that happened in a “Venom” comic. Everyone except “Banner” is there to use “The Maker’s” machine to safely extract the “codex” from them and “Spider-Man” says he’ll go last because he feels responsible for bringing the symbiotes to Earth. This doesn’t even begin to make sense. If you caused the problem (the “Venom” symbiote tells “Eddie” and us he didn’t and symbiotes have been on Earth since the Dark Ages and “Eddie” chooses to be a dick and not let “Spider-Man” know this) then hurry and get the codex out.  

Anyway, the rest of them go in the machine. “Spider-Man” then talks to “Venom” and it’s basically like. “Are you scared? I’m scared. “Carnage” is big and tough and strong and scary. Be scared”. Then “Spider-Man,” says he’s going to tell “Dylan” that “Eddie” is his dad. Is this any of his business in any way? No, but “Spider-Man” is a dick too I guess. Then we learn that the “Venom” that “Spider-Man” was talking was actually “Carnage”. Shenanigans! Even if there’s some explanation of how suddenly “Carnage” is fucking “Mystique” or something I don’t accept it. “Carnage” then gives a tiresome diatribe about how he doesn’t come from “abuse, violence, sex, and whatever else people blame for mass shooters” he actually IS all those things. It’s so over the top it isn’t scary or chilling it’s just “try hard”.

A bunch of “Carnage’s” minions then burst in and “Eddie” is back in loser mode and doesn’t want to fight. Then the “Venom” symbiote is like “eff off loser” and goes on “Bruce Banner”. Oh shit! Then “Carnage” assume because he wasn’t “Venom-Hulk” immediately that he won’t become “Venom-Hulk”… He then becomes “Venom-Hulk”.

So yeah… That was pretty effin’ dumb. Good art and a cool moment at the end though… C+.


Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-18-19 House Of X #5

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic

Novel Ratings & Reviews

[ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ]

09-18-19 House Of X #5


I want you to know that I see you. I see you and I’m here to speak for you. I see you in comments to posts about “House Of X” and “Powers Of X” all over social media. I see you in these comments when words and phrases such as the following pop up:

  • “Not this universe”
  • ”Is this our timeline?”
  • “Pod people”
  • “Crazy”
  • “Weird”

What you’re saying with these words and phrases even if you don’t know it is: “this story doesn’t work and I don’t recognize these characters because they’ve been written totally out of character”. Let’s break these down a bit. Is this in the normal “Marvel” universe? I think we can safely say yes. There’s no indication this is a separate universe.

“Is this our timeline”? This gets tricky so things need to be clarified. “House Of X” is about the tenth life of “Moira MacTaggart” after getting information from her ninth life to the “X-men” so they could stop “Mother Mold” and thereby stop “Nimrod” who seems to always eventually exterminate all mutants. After saying all that, no, I think it’s clear this is not the “normal Marvel universe” timeline. We’re clearly shown things in the past that contradict the “normal “Marvel” universe’s” history of the “X-men”. Since we have been given the clue that “Moira” has a potential eleventh life “if she makes the right choice” it’s clear that she will die again and THAT life will be the normal “Marvel” universe timeline thereby rendering this entire storyline pointless. I see you searching desperately to “make all the pieces” fit. To make this story more than what it is. Sadly, I don’t think there’s anything there. If I’m wrong I’ll admit it, but from what I see this is just out of character “X-men” in a story that ultimately doesn’t matter.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but because I see you and I respect you I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s probably for the best this all gets wiped away anyway… Alright, let’s get to this shit…

I’ve said “fuck this comic” a couple of times during this series (to be clear “House Of X” and Powers Of X are ONE series) but it was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Like if a good friend roasts you a bit. Like “haha, fuck this comic”. This time though, seriously FUCK. THIS. COMIC. This is… Perverse… That’s the best word I have for this. We begin with “Magneto” and “Polaris” saying some dickish things about humans. Personally, I always liked it when “Polaris” wasn’t “Magneto’s” daughter and they just had similar powers. Mutation is random, and that made sense to me but they retconned it so she is “Magneto’s” daughter and here we are…

So remember the noble sacrifice of an entire team of “X-men” to stop “Mother Mold” and save mutantkind? Remember “Xavier’s” grief and saying “no more”? Sure, maybe this is a pointless “Elseworlds” story but you gotta give it to em’ that was ballsy right?  Right?! Well, fuck all that because “Xavier’s” gonna bring em’ all back to life! The process is complicated and doesn’t really make sense but I’ll try to break it down.

  • “Sinister” has DNA from every mutant.
  • “Xavier” has the mind of every mutant in “Cerebro”.
  • The combined powers of the following create bodies:

    • “Goldballs” (he creates Gold balls that are actually eggs of some kind and the person’s DNA is put into these eggs)
    • “Proteus”(he can warp reality so there’s no need for the other people he could just make them alive again)
    • “Elixir” (he does something with cellular replication)
    • “Eva Bell” (she controls time, so she ages people within the eggs to their proper age)
    • “Hope” (she makes all the powers of the others work better and in unison)

So we see this done with all the “X-men” that were killed and we see them stand there naked and covered in orange goo.


Then there’s a bizarre scene of “Storm” presenting these reborn “X-men” (who are still naked and gooey) to the people of “Krakoa”. Seriously, couldn’t toss em’ a shirt or nothing? For each one she asks them to say their name. Then after they do she asks them, “how do I know it’s you?”. They then say something relevant to them and then “Storm” hugs them. After that “Storm” calls out to the crowd “what is he/she?” and the crowd responds “MUTANT!”. When she gets to “Monet” it’s mildly funny that she says she doesn’t want to be touched when “Storm” goes in for the hug though.

Then we’re served up three information pages explaining the resurrection process that was just explained. There’s some more about how the process is slow and they want to try to resurrect every mutant that ever got killed.

Then there’s a scene with “Xavier” and “Emma Frost” at the UN. They talk telepathically about how “Emma” used telepathy to manipulate people so “Krakoa” would be officially acknowledged as a nation. “Beast” is also there, but he’s not relevant. “Xavier” approves of “Emma” doing this because he’s grossly out of character now.

We then get two information pages listing nations that won’t trade with Krakoa. On the first page the ones of note are: Iran, North Korea, Latveria, Brazil, Venezuela, and Wakanda (which is noted specifically as being against it because “they don’t need mutant drugs”. Took that break up with “Storm” pretty hard didn’t ya “Black Panther”?). They waste the second page on a map of this. We then end with all the mutant villains coming to “Krokoa” and “Apocalypse” shaking hands with “Xavier”. Personally, I always thought “Apocalypse” didn’t care about mutants but whoever was the strongest. The line “I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you” from “X-men: The Animated Series” comes to mind but whatever. The bigger problem is that this is the equivalent of MLK and Malcolm X teaming up with Hitler and Mengele because they don’t like the US government… Again it’s perverse.

This was stupid, perverse, destroys any stakes this series had and undoes the only kind of cool thing that happened which was the noble sacrifice of the “X-men” (specifically “Wolverine”). C- only because a D would be unfair to the artists.

Recommendation: One Of The Lesser Books You Can Buy (Only The Art Keeps It From Being One Of The Worst)

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Young Justice & Captain Marvel 10

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews

[ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19

Young Justice & Captain Marvel 10


Young Justice #08

The “Young Justice” team is stuck on Earth-3. This is the one that the evil version of the “Justice League” the “Crime Syndicate” ruled. “Wonder Girl” fights that world’s version of her “Amaxon”. This world’s version of “Impulse”, “Speed Zone” narrates the story and from him, we learn that for unknown reasons the “Crime Syndicate” has left Earth-3. We also learn that “Amaxon” manipulated and enslaved this “Anti-Young Justice” to do her bidding“. “Jinny” and “Amethyst” then attacked by this world’s version of “Superboy”, “Luthor-El”. Regular “Superboy” then punches “Luthor-El” away as “Impulse” and “Speed Zone” race each other. “Amaxon” then kicks “Superboy” away. We then learn that “Luthor-El” had a theory that the “Crime Syndicate” was somewhere in the multi-verse so these “Anti-Young Justice” characters are looking for a map of the multi-verse. “Superboy” then gets up from the previous attack and attacks both “Luthor-El” and “Amaxon” knocking them both to the ground. ”Speed Zone” seems to be a sympathetic character that admires heroes like “Young Justice” and he sees that “Amaxon” is using the fact that “Luthor-El” and the evil “Robin” counterpart “Drake” want to bang her to control all of them. “Robin” and “Drake” fight and “Drake” nearly shoots “Robin” but “Impulse” saves him. There’s a nice joke where “Robin” says he thought “Impulse” was the “evil version of him”.

“Speed Zone” then grabs “Impulse” and races him away from “Robin”. Then it gets kind of confusing because “Speed Zone’s” narration tells how “social media” posts by “Drake” caused a bunch of gang activity and how “Speed Zone” has fought hard to oppose “Amaxon” and the others. During this part, “Robin” fights with people who I think are just gang people and not part of “Anti-Young Justice”. “Robin” gets rescued from being a shot again by some girl by this world’s “Batwoman” who is “Stephanie Brown”/”Spoiler”. This doesn’t really make sense because in this world “Batman” is “Owlman”. So her name should be “Owl-something” or something completely different. “Impulse” then “pulls a “Homer”” and punches “Batwoman” in the back of the head because he assumed she was evil.  


 Actually “pulling a “Homer”” implies “Impulse” succeeded at something. He was just being a dumbass. Then we see “Teen Lantern” fly away from her doppelganger “Hack” and “Jinny” gets cornered by “Drake” and “Jinny’s” doppelganger “Hex”. Then it looks like “Hex” shoots “Jinny” and the issue ends.

This issue wasn’t bad. In fact, I think this has been the best issue of this series so far. I found the opening arc kind of boring but here things are picking up. Once “Robin” meets “Drake” it is heavily implied the “Robin” will take that name too because “it’s a deadly bird” or something… Yeah, hard pass. That’s his actual last name… Not smart for keeping your secret identity. Plus, it’s just lame. “Red Robin” is fine. Or better yet, he can just be “Robin” and “Damian” can take another name. While I’m making suggestions, scrap “Teen Lantern” entirely. Everything about her is implausible and dumb. “DC” doesn’t need a fake “Riri Williams”… Oh, her origin is the focus of the next issue… Anyway, this gets a B.

Recommendation: One Of The Better Books You Can


Captain Marvel #10

In the last issue after agreeing to help “Minerva” “revive the now nearly extinct Kree race” “Carol” found “Minerva” nearly dead in her underground lair. With pick up “Carol” bringing “Minerva” to “Tony Stark”. She talks to “Rhodey” and “Tony” separately about what’s been going on with her and how she can’t put it all together. This includes:

  • Her being outed as a “Kree” to the public.
  • Her losing her military career after being outed.
  • Her losing her powers randomly
  • Her having a “Kree virus” in her chest along with a civilian girl she rescued.
  • The appearance of a hero with similar powers to hers named “Star”.

“Minerva” then wakes up and reveals she was behind all of it. Basically, it all was to get “Captain Marvel” on her side and to help bolster the “Kree” race. Reveals like this often end up being ridiculous (see “Ozymandias” in “Doomsday Clock”) but “Minerva’s” plan actually makes sense. Part of the plan was giving humans “Kree” powers and “Star” is one of those people. For “Star” the powers didn’t work so the virus or whatever in “Carol” siphons power from “Carol” to her. What comes down to is “Carol” loses her powers when “Star” is near. We then learned that “Star” was the one that nearly killed “Minerva” after she learned she was working with “Captain Marvel”.

All of this was pretty good then the book gets stupid and takes a nosedive. “Captain Marvel” then goes to Times Square and calls out “Star”.  “Star” comes and they fight… Why would she go alone to fight someone who makes her weak? Also, why do this (as the script points out) in a place with so many civilians? Eventually realizing that civilians will be hurt “Carol” flies them both into space. She then rips the thing out of her chest. Tf?! If she was going to do that then why not have it surgically removed before confronting “Star”?!

Anyway, this causes them both to fall to the ground, but this doesn’t kill either of them. “Star” then reveals she was the reporter that interviewed “Captain Marvel” in the first issue of this series and that she had a backup plan for getting power. She somehow is now getting power by infecting millions of people in New York with the virus “Captain Marvel” had. It seems the infection is spread through the rain as it is raining as “Star” says this. Wtf?! She got powers from “Captain Marvel” because she has powers. How the hell is she going to get powers from regular people?!

This started off good but fell apart at the end. The art was pretty good though. B-.

Recommendation: One Of The Better Books You Can Buy

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Ironheart #10

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel

Ratings & Reviews

[ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19

Ironheart #10


Ironheart #10

This issue starts with a nice gag. “Ironheart”, who is still in “Wakanda” after the last issue, calls her friend back home and tells her how great the technology in “Wakanda” is. The friend doesn’t care about that and wants to know “if the food slaps”. “Riri” then tells the friend that “she’ll try to bring her a plate” in so many words as she goes to a meeting with “Shuri” and (former “New Warrior” member) “Silhouette“. There’s then another nice gag as “Silhouette” refers to “Shuri” and “Riri” as “Shuriri”. This is pretty amusing because “Riri” and “Shuri” don’t like each other and “Riri” isn’t having it at all.

There’s then a lot of exposition about:

  • How the group “The Ten Rings” is trying to get to the “Wellspring Of Power” (which requires human sacrifice).
  • How powerful the “Wellspring Of Power” is. The answer is “very” BTW.
  • The connection of “Silhouette” and her brother (who is a member of “The Ten Rings”) “Midnight’s Fire” to “The Wellspring Of Power”.

They then decide to go find the “Wellspring”. After they argue if they should go by air or land they decide on land. They then go in a kind of ship/car… Let’s just call it a land vehicle. In the land vehicle “Silhouette” talks about her brother and mentions her father which brings up the sore subject for “Riri” that she’s lost both her father and stepfather. The vehicle then gets attacked by zombies and shadow monsters (created by another “Ten Rings” member “Eclipse”) from “The Ten Rings”. The three get and fight them. The fact that the zombies are “Wakandan” people so they can’t use lethal force plus the zombies and shadow monster are stronger because they are near the “Wellspring” lead to the three being overwhelmed. Luckily, “Okoye” is there to help them and they soon turn the tide. There’s no reason she would make that big of a difference but whatever…

“Ironheart” then flies off to scout the area but “Shuri” doesn’t approve of that because as they were arguing about before “Shuri” thinks “Riri” will get spotted. She calls “Riri” “stubborn” and “Okoye” calls “Shuri” out for being stubborn too. “Silhouette” then calls back the “Shuriri” gag from before and this pisses “Shuri” off. “Riri” returns and tells them there are energy readings to the west and they head there. Eventually, they find the “Wellspring” and it’s like this upside-down kingdom coming out of this pool of energy. “Silhouette” uses her powers to get them inside the wellspring and she then goes alone to do recon.

We then see “The Ten Rings” and they’re all wearing masks and cloaks as they stand in a circle around a circle of energy. “Eclipse” is hesitant because whatever they’re going to do might kill all of them and “Midnight’s Edge” is like “Yolo, bitch”. “Silhouette” then returns to the others and tells them she found “The Ten Rings”. She then says one of them was a man who looked like “Riri” suggesting that this is her thought to be dead father. We then end the issue with this man’s face.

Overall, this is a pretty good issue. The characterization is on point. I really love that “Riri” and “Shuri” don’t get along. It makes for interesting conflict and banter. In fact, they both should be part of “The Champions”. The villains aren’t super compelling though and the plot is a little overly complicated. The characters stuff combined with good art get this to a nice solid B.

Before getting to the recommendation I need to say these reviews are a work in progress for me. I’ve changed the title to this and the recommendations a few times already. After getting some comments from @planetxmen on IG. A lot of comics got the “maybe pile” recommendations and I’ve changed the recommendations again. Although I think all the comics, I gave that recommendation deserve it I can see how to some people might see that as a worse rating than I intended sometimes. To me “maybe pile” is “give it a shot if you’re interested”.  Anyway, the new recommendations will be:


  • One Of The Best Books You Can Buy (A+ to B+)
  • One Of The Better Books You Can Buy (B to B-)
  • One Of The Lesser Books You Can Buy (C+ to C)
  • One Of The Worst Books You Can Buy C- & Below) 


Recommendation: One Of The Better Books You Can Buy

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Of Vengeance

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Of Vengeance


Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Of Vengeance #1

This is one of those garbage-tier tie-ins that most crossovers and event comics have. The (extremely short-lived) “Ghost Rider” between “Danny Ketch” and the current one “Robbie Reyes”, “Alexandra” has one of the “codices” (after having contact with “Venom”) that “Carnage” is after. “Carnage” attacks the village in “Nicaragua” she’s in to get the “codex” from her. I doubt him suddenly being in Nicaragua fits with the rest of the “Absolute Carnage” event but we’ll see I guess.

While this is going on former “Ghost Rider” “Johnny Blaze” (who now rules hell) contacts and tells another former “Ghost Rider” “Danny Ketch” to go help “Alexandra”. “Johnny” can’t help himself because he hasn’t figured out how to leave hell and can only do astral projections. Eventually “Danny” agrees and goes to help. He gets there and fails spectacularly and “Carnage” kills “Alexandra” gets her “codex” and gets “Ghost Rider” powers along with it. Shenanigans! Nothing suggests he would get “Ghost Rider” powers from this.

“Alexandra” ends up in hell (where all “Ghost Riders” go) and convinces “Johnny Blaze” to let her possess someone so she can fight “Carnage” and protect her village. While this is going on “Carnage” kicks “Danny’s” ass and he uses his “Penance Stare” to make “Carnage” feel all the pain of his victims. This basically just gets “Carnage” off. “Alexandra” posses this chick named “Imara” and she leads the village people into throwing Molotov cocktails at him. This seems to do nothing to “Carnage” but when a truck with members of his cult drives by for no reason he retreats. Wtf? “Carnage” then gets mad at them for… I dunno, driving by I guess and he kills one of them. “Alexandra” then leaves “Imara’s” body and “Danny” promises “he’s only a call away” if the village needs help again and he rides off. Then back in hell “Johnny” introduces “Alexandra” to all the other dead “Ghost Riders” of the past.

This comic had mediocre art and a mostly nonsense story where the heroes barely do anything. If there needs to be an explanation for why “Carnage” has “Ghost Rider” powers the answer “dunno, dumb stuff happened” is a better answer than this comic and saves your money and time. C-.

Recommendation: One Of The Worst Books You Can Buy

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Batman #78

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Batman #78

Batman #78

This issue is like being forced to listen to someone you don’t like while they tell you a story but they never get to the point. Also in this situation, it’s clear that this person isn’t failing to get to the point because they’re bad at telling stories or because they’re a bore. Those things may be true but that is not the reason. No, it’s clear this person is just saying a whole lot of nothing to you as an excuse to prolong the time they are around you. 

After the last issue where “Bane” killed “Alfred” (“Batman” doesn’t know yet) and “Batman” and “Catwoman” talked about going back to “Gotham”, you’d figure they would… Ya know, do that. Instead, they chill out on a beach talking about “Catwoman” leaving “Batman” at the altar and how they’re both sad about it. “Batman” keeps saying “he’s fine” when he isn’t and the whole thing is tedious and annoying. This person who you don’t like who is telling you this story won’t just tell you “he actually wasn’t fine at all and they were both codependent nutcases so they got back together” even though that obviously is how the story ends. 

In the middle of this, they do some training by climbing a mountain and “Batman” throws a “batarang” at “Catwoman”. He throws it all weak and “Catwoman” tells him to throw with his rage at her leaving at the altar. “Batman” completely punks out and just drops the “batarang” in the sand. Then “Batman” finally admits he’s “he actually wasn’t fine at all” and he’s completely dependent on her in a sad, unhealthy way. So because they were both codependent nutcases, so they got back together. Yay? 

… The art is great though… Maybe next time there will be a fight or something interesting for the artist to draw. You couldn’t be safer skipping this issue. C-. 

Recommendation: One You Should Put In The Maybe Pile (Barely)

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Powers Of X #4

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Powers Of X #4


In the past we see “Xavier” and “Magneto” go to “Bar Sinister” to meet “Mr. Sinister”. There are some jabs about “Magneto’s” costume, but they make no sense coming from “Mr. Sinister” or his people. They talk to “Sinister” telling him they know he is cataloging DNA and want him to focus on mutant DNA. “Sinister” is against because he used it in the past and didn’t like the results and then “Sinister” got killed. That “Sinister” was only a clone and the real “Sinister” then come to take his place. The real “Sinister” is interested. “Xavier” then uses his powers to make “Sinister” forget why he’s doing what he’s doing or that they were there until “Xavier,” tells him to remember. There’s a lot of attempts at humor in the part and much like all the “Nimrod” stuff in previous issues it falls flat. This section also tries to do a lazy retcon to make “Mr. Sinister” a mutant. Also, we already knew from information pages in past issues that “Sinister” worked with “Xavier” so we also learn nothing new from this scene. 

Next, there are three information pages of “Sister Secrets” which I guess is supposed to be gossip between all the “Sinister clones”. They’re a combination of trying to be funny (they’re not) and what can only guess are clues to things that will happen in this storyline and or in the “X-men” relaunch. There are references to “Apocalypse” and his original horsemen, “Madelyne Pryor“, “Thunderbird”, “Wolverine”, “Cyclops” and “Havoc”, “Inferno”, and someone on the “X-men” who has got replaced. 


The story then takes us to “months ago” with “Xavier” taking “Cypher” to “Krakoa” so he can learn the language of the living island. “Cypher” talks to “Krakoa” and learns that “Krokoa” was once a bigger island called “Okkara” but it got split into two by “the twilight sword”. This split “Okkara” into “Krakoa” and “Arakko”. Whoever used “the twilight sword” unleashed a bunch of monsters and “Apocalypse” and his first horsemen saved the world from them…Are we really trying to make “Apocalypse” a good guy here? Really?! This is the only part of this issue that is interesting or new. “Xavier” then leaves “Cypher” to implement all the stuff we saw the “X-men” implemented with “Krakao” before. 

After a pointless information page to pad out this comic, we go to one thousand years in the future. Then we get a bunch of techno-babble nonsense about some guys “finding a way around” The Phalanx”” rules for a planet “ascending” or something. These people then wait for an answer. The end. 

If you weren’t reading this before DON’T. Wait for the relaunch because this was awful. The art is gorgeous, but it doesn’t save this. After going back and forth in my head, I was close to giving this a D but I will give this break and give it a C-. This was bad though…