Q-boy Short # 26 Double Dipping And The Red Q Lady / The History Of Q-boy Part 24 (Censored)

Q-boy Short # 26 Double Dipping And The Red Q Lady / The History Of Q-boy Part 24 (Censored)


So there’s a lot going on with this one… Let’s start with some Wonder Woman history as that is who Freedom Female is based on.  Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston who also happened to invent the lie detector.  He was way into the idea that women should run the world and something about “loving bondage”.  He also had a poly relationship with 2 women, one of which he married, and they all lived together. For the hell of it I made the 2 women black and hispanic to add some diversity.  Sandra Christie I based very loosely on Jackie Ormes who was the first black woman to create a syndicated comic strip.  The character The Red Q Lady is a combination of Jackie’s character Torchy Brown and the Woman In Red who was a female crimefighter in the very early days of comics.  Both characters are explained more on this article on the site ComicBookGrrrl.com.  The first panel is based on the first panel of the Woman In Red comic below…

womaninredThe whole “Murderess Of Monsters”/Vampire stuff with the Red Q Lady…. I’ll keep that under the hat for now…Oh yeah! I didn’t have room to translate what Rosalina is saying in the last panel.  She’s basically saying “I’d kill you if I wasn’t Catholic you old whore” and “those thieves can rot in hell”.  Do you think The Red Q Lady every improved her stake throwing?  Anyways that’s it for now, next time we meet a “man with a master plan, his name is Sam, and I think you better recognized”.

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