Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #38 Muffina Winters, Q-boy, & Slowku On The Afterlife

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #38

Muffina Winters, Q-boy, & Slowku On The Afterlife


I know I said “that’s it for this week”, but I had the idea for this one and wanted to share it.  So here’s a special Friday edition of Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations. So here’s the two main things I wanted to get at with this one

  1. (If you don’t know or care about “Dragonball” you might wanna skip this) Goku being a crappy parent

People try to argue that Goku isn’t a crappy parent, but here’s the thing…. He abandons his family at every possible opportunity. See Goku never wanted to marry Chi Chi.  He agreed to when he was a kid and didn’t know what it was and then sorta went along with it later.  You never see Goku be like “I miss Chi Chi” or “man I can’t wait to bang Chi Chi” in the entire show.  Can’t really blame him cuz’ Chi Chi is a total nag.

Goku dies fighting Raditz and can contact anyone on Earth through King Kai. Does he ever contact Chi Chi? Nope! Goku escapes Namek’s explosion. Does he get back to his family as soon as possible or even let them wish him back to Earth? Nope! He learns Instant Transmission and teaches no one so he can always get away and no one can find him.

During the Cell Saga Goku actually spends time with Gohan training and then just chilling out for a while…. Which is strange because he could have actually kept training absolutely ensure he’d be able to beat Cell.  Instead he THINKS Gohan MIGHT be strong enough and puts the pressure of saving the world on his 11 year old son.  He EVEN gives Cell a sensu bean! …. Things don’t work out and Goku sacrifices himself by teleporting himself and Cell away when Cell tries to self-destruct.  Seems noble. Except Goku has plenty of time to get away.  He doesn’t.  He get’s killed again on purpose to get away from him family.

Think that’s crazy? After this Goku doesn’t contact his family at all for 7 years! Again he can contact anyone at any time with King Kai but chooses not to.  We know this because next thing we know Goku has another son that’s 7 years old that he doesn’t even know about.  As a side some people use one of the Dragonball movies as an example of how Goku is a good dad.  In the movie he teleports from heaven to help Gohan in a fight.  Usually movies are not considered cannon but this actually works against their argument.  This means Goku could teleport from the afterlife anytime and again chooses not to.

Then we get to the Buu saga where Goku withhold the fact he can turn Super Saiyan 3 and probably beat Buu early on because “the kids should beat him”. Then once again when that doesn’t work out and pretty much everyone is kills and the Earth is about to be destroyed Goku saves a relative stranger and his dog over his own kids.

Then we get to the end of Dragonball Z where first Goku once again is wants to blow off a gathering with friends and family so he can watch some dinosaur eggs or something.  Then at the very end he flies off to train with Uub and if you count GT he once again doesn’t contact his family for like 10 years.  Only seen less than 20 episodes of Super but yes he abandons his family to train in that too.  Goku is a crappy parent. There are many reasons I believe why he is that way, but I’ll get into that another day…

2. (If you don’t know or care about “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” you might wanna skip this) Buffy “dieing”

Technical dieing isn’t dieing. So Buffy drowns in Season 1 and from this we get a 2nd Slayer Kendra and then Faith when Kendra is killed.  All of this makes Buffy’s power make no sense.  If Buffy “died” then she should have either no power when she was revived; half power because she’s sharing it with another Slayer; or their should be no 2nd Slayer.

If Buffy died the 2nd time in “The Gift” then shouldn’t there be a 3rd Slayer? Speaking of “The Gift” most people see her jumping into the portal as this noble gesture, but I see it as just saying “eff it”.  Buffy risked the world by not killing this nonexistent person in the form of her sister, Dawn. Also irresponsibly leaving the world with no Slayer as Faith is crazy and was in jail at the point.

Okay and THAT is it for this week. Seriously this time. See ya next week and hope you enjoy!

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