Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 206 – The Celestial Admirals On Mostly Infighting

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 206  –The Celestial Admirals On Mostly Infighting


One thing I try to be is fair. Well fair is fair. “The Flash’s” finale wasn’t half bad. I doesn’t at all make up for this season, but it wasn’t bad.

“The Flash”, Last To The “Finish Line”… A Decent Finale For The Worst “CW” “DC Comics” Show


The way they get around “Iris” getting killed was clever. It also they solved another problem by getting rid of a character that kinda sucked. “Caitlyn” doesn’t seem to be all villain which is good. In general, the show seemed to finally get what it was doing wrong and it seems its headed in a better direction.

To be clear though EVERYTHING about “Savitar” is still stupid. This show STILL needs to stop with having speedsters as the “big bad”. “Kid Flash” still sucks. There still needs to be less nonsense science. With that siad, this show might pull it together next season.

Finally Meeting All The Celestial Admirals… They’re Like “Sailor Moon” & Her Friends If Ethnic & Bitchy


I have so many ideas for these characters. With this comic I wanted to give a taste of all the them and the dynamics between them. This comic was a lot easier to put together than I thought it was going to be. I had to cut stuff, but they were “easier cuts”.

That’s it for this week! Check out new “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations” on Tuesday-Thursday. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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