Mayhem : A Major Catastrophe 08

Mayhem : A Major Catastrophe 08

I’m taking the prompts from various May drawing challenges including “Mermay” and weaving them into a story. I’ve been doing this with monthly drawing challenges for a while. This one is a semi-sequel/ side story to one I did called “Mayday” from May of last year. Follow this using #cccmayhem

May 8

  • Squid🦑 #Mermay #Mermay2019 IG: @tombancroft1 Twitter: @TomBancroft1

  • Death💀 #MermayKrystel IG: @i_draw_your_username

  • Lotus🧘 #BlackFuryMermay IG: @blackfurymermay

  • Desert🏜️ #Tess_Mermay2019 IG: @tess_illustrations

  • Dad, There’s Something Under My Bed👨‍👦🛏️ #MonstersInMay #MonstersInMay2019 IG: @monstersinmayhem

  • Captured #MadyMermay IG: @dmadyart

  • Moonlight🌕 IG: @sha.j.h @ludmilacerafoce @jeffrey.nyr

  • Whatever Wednesday #MermayDays IG: @snowwhitekt

  • Lobster #MermayUnicagem IG:

  • Cursed #MermaySketchcee IG: @sketchcee

  • Jellyfish #MermayTimeWithKaroline IG: @karolinepietrowski

  • Beastly #MonsterMAYhem IG: @iamrobthethird @zachatino

  • Valuable💎 #CharcoollMermay IG: @charcooll

    Verseau (Aquarius)♒ #John24 @j0hn.24

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