Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Powers Of X #4

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Powers Of X #4


In the past we see “Xavier” and “Magneto” go to “Bar Sinister” to meet “Mr. Sinister”. There are some jabs about “Magneto’s” costume, but they make no sense coming from “Mr. Sinister” or his people. They talk to “Sinister” telling him they know he is cataloging DNA and want him to focus on mutant DNA. “Sinister” is against because he used it in the past and didn’t like the results and then “Sinister” got killed. That “Sinister” was only a clone and the real “Sinister” then come to take his place. The real “Sinister” is interested. “Xavier” then uses his powers to make “Sinister” forget why he’s doing what he’s doing or that they were there until “Xavier,” tells him to remember. There’s a lot of attempts at humor in the part and much like all the “Nimrod” stuff in previous issues it falls flat. This section also tries to do a lazy retcon to make “Mr. Sinister” a mutant. Also, we already knew from information pages in past issues that “Sinister” worked with “Xavier” so we also learn nothing new from this scene. 

Next, there are three information pages of “Sister Secrets” which I guess is supposed to be gossip between all the “Sinister clones”. They’re a combination of trying to be funny (they’re not) and what can only guess are clues to things that will happen in this storyline and or in the “X-men” relaunch. There are references to “Apocalypse” and his original horsemen, “Madelyne Pryor“, “Thunderbird”, “Wolverine”, “Cyclops” and “Havoc”, “Inferno”, and someone on the “X-men” who has got replaced. 


The story then takes us to “months ago” with “Xavier” taking “Cypher” to “Krakoa” so he can learn the language of the living island. “Cypher” talks to “Krakoa” and learns that “Krokoa” was once a bigger island called “Okkara” but it got split into two by “the twilight sword”. This split “Okkara” into “Krakoa” and “Arakko”. Whoever used “the twilight sword” unleashed a bunch of monsters and “Apocalypse” and his first horsemen saved the world from them…Are we really trying to make “Apocalypse” a good guy here? Really?! This is the only part of this issue that is interesting or new. “Xavier” then leaves “Cypher” to implement all the stuff we saw the “X-men” implemented with “Krakao” before. 

After a pointless information page to pad out this comic, we go to one thousand years in the future. Then we get a bunch of techno-babble nonsense about some guys “finding a way around” The Phalanx”” rules for a planet “ascending” or something. These people then wait for an answer. The end. 

If you weren’t reading this before DON’T. Wait for the relaunch because this was awful. The art is gorgeous, but it doesn’t save this. After going back and forth in my head, I was close to giving this a D but I will give this break and give it a C-. This was bad though…

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