A 3rd October Surprise: The Trinity Of Terror 04

A 3rd October Surprise:

The Trinity Of Terror 04


Since the Inktober from three years ago I’ve been taking prompts from these type of drawing challenges and weaving them into stories. For this one my “Sailor Moon” character (Admiral Star), and my “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” character (Muffina The (Former) Murderess Of Monsters), and they are joined by my newly introduced “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” character, Briana The Adolescent Sorceress/ Bruja. Here I’m taking the official Inktober prompts from Jake Parker along with numerous other prompts and weaving them into a story. There’s 33 prompts in total… Because 33 is a significant number… 

50 Words Per Day: Fluffy mentions yoga. This reminds Muffina of being a cheerleader. Muffina describes being Morbidus’ minion along with Ms. Majors and Hell’s Hunter. In the past we see Briana crush an ice monster attacking a mountain cabin with magic and Admiral Star being rescued from a tamir yokai by Blind Fury.

  1. Day 4- October 4 (No color version)


  • #Inktober #Inktober2019


  • Freeze @jakeparker ❄
  • Tapir @izapug #izapug2019list
  • Signifer @redtaiga romaninktober
  • Their Star Sign @soniastegemann @vetvy #mywitchunioc ♌
  • Reaper / Skeleton @avery.loren #averysartober 💀
  • Goat @littleblackpan 🐐
  • Deity @nomsikka #nonsikkaintober
  • Water @lord_gris #gristober2019 🌊
  • Amma And The Egg That Contains The Universe @inspectornerd #blackinktober
  • Blind @betaart_ #darktober
  • Demon @smide.art 👹
  • Cyber Punk & Food justsomeperson1920 icycreep aroc.art todi_paper_demon wai_am_i_liek__dis vincent.engelmann k.iivi seseamefruit iilustrate paulinaklime blind.somnium raspberrig kashiomi_art eriminati @teodoro_oo gsketxhes @electronichimaera #fusetober
  • The Ice Crusher #daviloriummilkyways
  • Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler bonsai_reix ostinktober2019 🎵🎤
  • Lacuna nikolas_tower #obscutober
  • Bettle @brianna_g_draws #bg_draws_inktober19 🐞
  • Nurse Maze / Lucifer & Pokemon @heoktober19
  • Ms. Marvel @artgerm
  • Bizarro @franplobato #dcinktober
  • Hedge Witch #elithien #mysticalinktober 🧙
  • Snake bluesodalemon_art #bluesodatober2019 🐍
  • Agnes Varda chascon_illu #kinoktober
  • Flowers bunny_tone #bunnytober19 💐
  • Splits alondacreates alontober2019
  • 50 Word Story Per Day @hannahrobinsonauthor
  • Vampire Queen @isabelle_staub 🧛
  • Duppy / Ghost @simkray 👻
  • Werewolf Yoga @drawlloween 🐺
  • Demoness @camilladerrico 👹
  • Nailed It! @coffepuddingstudios
  • Mountain Cabin @lonelypineart & tara.b_art
  • Jazz 4 Ur Soul yacherrygal 🎵🎷
  • Yokai (Japanese Supernatural) scottblairart


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