December Story Coming!

Since the Inktober of 2017, I’ve been taking prompts from these types of drawing challenges and weaving them into stories featuring my versions of many pop culture characters.


Even though I’m still working on my October story, A 6th October Surprise, I will be doing a December story as well. There many reasons why I shouldn’t roll right into another story but I feel like a need to. I’m ready to start the story I’ve been leading up to for years, Subjugation. 

In Marvel Comics there’s a group of heroes that secretly made big decisions in the Marvel Universe called the Illuminati. If you saw Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Magic you saw a version of this group. This story is about an opposite villain group like this gaining the power to rewrite the Multiverse in their image. 

This December story will be about our heroes failing, giving in, and giving up in various senses of those words. These are the prompts I’ll be using and the people behind them. 










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So if you wondering why you’re tagged or someone is using your hashtag months after the challenge is over you’ll know why lol.

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