Q-boy Short #36 Blindly “Stephanie Browning” It / The History Of Q-boy Part 34

Q-boy Short #36 Blindly “Stephanie Browning” It / The History Of Q-boy Part 34


If you don’t get the title then congratulations you’re not that big of a nerd! Stephanie Brown was a character that started in the Robin comic as a crimefighter called The Spoiler.  She then became Robin herself for a short time, then she got killed, then she got better and became Batgirl.  People really liked her as Batgirl so of course DC relaunched its whole universe and changed almost nothing in the Batman comics except making her no longer exist.  I think they brought her back not to long ago though.  So all of that is to say her name is a reference to how Spiderous-Man is spoiling the the title of the comic.

This comic is made of of elements of X-men #35 (Spiderous-Man’s pose); Flash #123 (the two Q-boy’s running); and Daredevil #4 (the rest). Flash #123 is one of the most important comics in the Silver Age of comics as it is the first to introduce the concept of multiple Earths in DC Comics.

Next time yet another new group of heroes is introduced and Q-boy and happy about it.  In addition things between Eddy and Jerry continue to be contentious.  Hope you enjoy and see ya next time!



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