Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 200B– Admiral Star & Special-Girl On Special-Girl’s Authority

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 200B– Admiral Star & Special-Girl On Special-Girl’s Authority



So as we saw in the last comic Admiral Star is my version of “Sailor Moon”. As this comic mentions she’s half Black and half Korean. So if you know “Sailor Moon” you know that “Sailor Venus/ Sailor V” actual came first. She was also so famous in “Sailor Moon’s” world that she had video games, comics, and movies about her.

“Sailor Moon” idolizes “Sailor V” and then one day she appears and is part of the team. She now leads this chick she idolizes. This is not addressed much in “Sailor Moon”. Also is “Sailor V” rich from all this stuff? She doesn’t seem to be.


That’s part one of the jokes from yesterday’s comic. “Admiral A” who is my version “Sailor Venus” is WAY richer and more poplar than “Admiral Star”. This will be a bigger part of tomorrow’s comic.

Speaking of which, tomorrow Admiral Star meets J-Pop . Then Admiral Star make a wrong assumption and things go bad from there. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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