Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 215 – Admiral Star, Freedom Female, Pickup Artist Pimp & “Game”

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 215 – Admiral Star, Freedom Female, &Pickup Artist

Pimp On “Game”


“Sailor Moon” : The Trial Of “Tuxedo Mask”

When I first saw “Sailor Moon” many years ago I assumed “Sailor Moon” was somewhere around 16 years old. “Darian/ Momaru/ Tuxedo Mask” is definitely an adult. If his age is outright stated I never caught it. To be conservative let’s say he’s 20. This is kinda “iffy”, but okay I guess. The “DiC” dubbed didn’t hammer home that she was actually 14 and in middle school. In more accurate “Viz” dub every episode in season 1 begins with her stating she is 14. This turns “iffy” into pretty wrong.


So you’d think they wouldn’t bring the age thing as all on the show, right? Nope! They go right at it. Right in the first episode where they’re actually dating. (This is also where “Rini/Chibiusa” appears… Ugh!). Then it seems like “Darian/Momaru/ Tuxedo Mask” comes to his senses and breaks it off. In the end it’s due to his future self “testing” them or something. It doesn’t make any sense though.

“Darian/Momaru/ Tuxedo Mask” is a pretty creepy guy. By day he somehow runs into the same 14 year old girl all the time. (Cough! Stalker! Cough!). When he does he acts like an absolute dick to her for no reason. Then by night he rescues her and is nice to her. That is until he discovers in a past life she was suppose to be his child bride or something. Then after “sorta dating” this same girl’s friend who’s also 14 he decides it okay to date her. All the negative stuff he always said to her goes away… Also they somehow take over the world in the future…


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