Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 231 – Ms. Majors, Freedom Female, J-Pop, Spiderous-Man, & Perfect Spiderous-Man On 2nd Thoughts

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 231 – Ms. Majors, Freedom Female, J-Pop, Spiderous-Man, & (Perfect) Spiderous-Man On 2nd Thoughts


“San Diego Comic-Con” A View Of The Future One Phone Cam Video At A Time


So “San Diego Comic-Con” was this weekend meaning EVERY movie trailer, teaser, and announcement was released. Some highlights:

  • “Avengers: Infinity War” – Only saw phone cam footage on IG, but I did see the whole thing… Good lord does this look awesome. I concerned about how all these characters are going to fit into one movie though
  • New “Justice League” trailer – Looking more and more like it’ll be okay… The whole pretending “Superman” isn’t in it thing is getting really old. Also I must repeat yet again “The Flash” looks stupid. Whedon you still got time make that his “joke costume” and cgi a real suit on him. Oh and if that isn’t “Superman” that “Alfred” is talking to at the end it’s something stupid
  • “Flash Point” is the title of “The Flash” movie- Sigh! Seriously “DC” move on from this already? This story had been:
    • A bad comic
    • An okay animated DVD
    • A show ruiner for “The Flash” TV show
    • Stop already!
  • New “The Gifted” trailer- Wasn’t impressed before, but now I see this might end up being a good show.
  • New “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer – Looking better and better. I think we finally got ourselves a good “Thor” movie. Has “Marvel” fixed it’s one weakness in movies? We’ll see…
  • Michelle Pfieffer as “OG Wasp”/ Laurence Fishbourne as “Golaith” in “Antman And The Wasp” – Seems cool. Nice that “Batman” and “Catwoman” are part of “Marvel now

That covers all the big stuff for me. Tomorrow Spiderous-Man and Freedom Female are joined by Special-Man and The Good Knight. They talk about Admiral Star joining The American World Protectors Of America and til’ Freedom Female gets deep… Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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