Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 252 – The Good Knight, Freedom Female, Luscious Trapp, & Spiderous-Man On …

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 252 – The Good Knight, Freedom Female, Luscious Trapp, &

Spiderous-Man On Working

With Your Spouse


Before I tried to take a change pace and talk about some comics that are actually good. Let me add on more to the “slightly above okay” pile. That would be “Red Hood And The Outlaws”. This one deserves a special distinction for being “most improved comic”. Back when “DC” did the whole “New 52” thing “Red Hood And The Outlaws” was not just terrible it was a prime example of everything wrong with the “New 52” and comics in general. I was painful character destroying experience that “DC” is still trying to recover from.

In fact here’s what I wrote about “Red Hood In The Outlaws” on Facebook when it came out..

“Red Hood And The Outlaws:  Ya know I must really not understand how comics work.  Cuz’ I thought a writer pitches a concept for a book then someone has to approve it, and then after that an editor has to approve the story.  Obviously from reading this the process must go more like this…

DC Staff:  Hey anyone wanna write?!  We got 52 spots open!  And we’ll take ANYTHING!

*name removed to protect the writer*: How about 1 character no one likes, another no one cares about, and I’ll completely ruin a character who’s part of popular kids show?

DC Staff:  Great!  Here are sacks of money!

I’m not even going to get into the main problem and controversy of this issue yet.  Lets start with the “star” of this comic.  See… Well… I mean… How bad does a character have to suck for people to vote to have him killed?  They didn’t vote for Jason Todd to not be Robin, or to not be around, or for there not to be another Robin besides Dick Grayson.  They voted for him to die… That says an awful lot.  So course the marketing geniuses  at DC go “hey people hate this guy lets bring him back, and make him more unlikeable!” .  I guess Marvel brought back Bucky and made him kick ass so DC decided to do the opposite.  So that’s our lead for this comic… Then there’s Green Arrow’s sidekick who now goes by Arsenal who at best is meh (also seeing as Green Arrow is now much younger was Arsenal his sidekick in this new continuity?). And then there’s Starfire… Who has been turned into a emotionless sex robot who will let basically anyone bang her and doesn’t care about or remember humans.  Yeah great way to welcome those kids who watched the “Teen Titans” cartoon.  The sad part is the art is pretty good, and the first few pages actually seemed half decent then Starfire shows up and this becomes more creepy and pandering than hentai.  Hell it’s worse than bad hentai.  I don’t have a problem with fan service, cheesecake, or whatever, but this isn’t even insulting to women… It’s insulting to guys.  You really think guys want this?!  Really?! Also the rest of the issue is boring.  I came to see a train wreck and this is so much worse than thought it would be”

This new version though ain’t bad. Not great, but not bad. Once thing I admire is learning and improvement so salute on turning it around.

Tomorrow all these Luscious is swapped out for Red Witch as these guys continue to talk about working with spouses and other stuff. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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