Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 262 – Q-boy, Freedom Female, & Hazard Hands On …

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 262 – Q-boy, Freedom Female,  & Hazard Hands On The NotPeople  Show


I didn’t know “X-men” related show “The Gifted” came out this week so I missed it. If I remember to watch it tonight I’ll probably talk about it tomorrow. What I’m going to get into today is “Marvel Legacy” which came out last week.

There’s an article on that compares it to DC’s “Rebirth” initiative/comic. It was this article if you care The suggestion is that “Marvel” at least somewhat “copied” “Rebirth”. It really didn’t though. They have a similar tone. Actually the “Rebirth” comic was a lot better. I hate that “Doctor Manhattan” from “Watchmen” was used, but it was a well written comic that hit you in the feels with the return of “Wally West”.

“Legacy”, on the other hand another one of “Marvel’s” typical “nice resets” after a “dark event”. Also it’s less an actual story and bits and piece of what’s coming up in “Marvel” titles. They include:

  • “Avengers: 1,000,000 BC” which I’ve talked about before. Still seems stupid but the art is nice
  • “Star Brand” and “Ghost Rider” fighting over something that might have something to do with “Avengers: 1,000,000 BC”… Stop trying to make “Star Brand” (or any “New Universe” characters for that matter) happen “Marvel
  • The unsurprising return of “Tony Stark”
  • “Deadpool” killing “Phil Coulson” or something and being hunted for it
  • “Falcon” becoming the “Falcon” again
  • The real “Wolverine” being back with an “Infinity Gem” for some reason
  • And a big tease about the return of “The Fantastic Four” that I have the overwhelming feeling it going to lead to nothing. I hope I’m wrong and “Marvel” is brighter than that

Overall it was kinda “meh”. Tomorrow Admiral Star shows up to tie with my “Intober/ Drawtober/ Drawlloween” project “An October Surprise: A Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations Gaiden”. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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