Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 268 – The Good Knight, Freedom Female, & Special-Girl On…

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 268 – The Good

Knight, Freedom Female,

& Special-Girl On Drugs


I had my doubts… I thought this might be the one “Marvel Studios” blows. Then yesterday I saw the new “Black Panther” trailer… And it shut me the hell up. When it comes to movie maybe just maybe I can blindly trust “Marvel”. (I’ll never actually blindly trust anything but you get the idea). Seriously though, THAT’S a good trailer. Bravo!

Going from good to bad, I saw this week’s “Supergirl”. Last week I said something about why I like when the “CW” “DC Comics” shows focus on fighting villain and not other stuff. I came to the conclusion that these shows and the acting on them just weren’t good enough for actual drama and stuff. This week’s episode of “Supergirl” was a prime example. There’s a part where “Supergirl” is crying because she felt like the let the guy who was banging her last season die. It’s not convincing. Also they were annoyingly gross couple so I don’t care anyways. Also “Lena Luthor” bought “CatCo”… That’s pretty random and stupid. Just have her fight villains and drop all this nonsense. Or better yet, as I’ve suggested before, scrap the show altogether and put her “Legends Of Tomorow”. That would be SO much better

Tomorrow Admiral Star takes the The Good Knight’s place as she once again begs for help against Red Witch (once again tying in with my side project “An October Surprise: A Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations Gaiden” which you can check out every day throughout October). Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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