Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 277 – Barbarious, Freedom Female, & The Smasher On …

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 277 – Barbarious,

Freedom Female, & The Smasher

On “Court Crushing”


We finally have the first appearance of my version of “Thor”, Barbarious in these comics. Even though I could just use the Norse Gods I decided not to. I feel it’s been done too many times. So I made up my own set of Gods called the Cold Gods. Expect to see more of them and learn more about them over time.

Alright, let’s do like “Mon-El” and get into “Supergirl”.


I’m not even going to lie I barely paid attention to this week’s episode. There was something about just curing lead poisoning that doesn’t seem to make sense, but maybe it works. One thing in general I’ve noticed is this show seems to have gotten more emotional… It’s really becoming a “girl’s show”. Not in the sense that the main character is a girl, but’s more about emotions than fighting villains. “Buffy” obviously had a female lead, but I feel it rarely if ever became a “girl’s show”. There’s nothing wrong with that, just saying. Anyways “Supergirl” ain’t great either way so whatever


Tomorrow Murdilahorn and Freedom Female return with Badassia to talk about “warrior women”. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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