Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 284 – Freedom Female, The Underwater Monarch, & Frag Count On Decisions

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 284 – Freedom Female, The

Underwater Monarch, & Frag Count

On Decisions


I just saw an article on claiming that the post credits scenes from “Justice League” was better than the post credits scenes for “Marvel” movies over the last few years. It’s here . No.



So the first scene if “Superman” starting a race with “The Flash”…. We just did this on “Supergirl” a couple years ago and it was done better there. If they were gonna do this it would’ve been better as an opening to “The Flash” movie or the next “Superman” movie. Better yet show some of the actual race. It was cute but not great.

The second scene… Okay for some reason I was looking away at first and I heard laughter. And I was like “oh shit a better version of “The Joker”? The I saw a bald guy and thought “oh even better, a better version of “Lex Luthor”… No it was just a decoy…. The “real” Lex Luthor has escaped prison… The effin’ Jesse Eisenberg “Lex Luthor” still exist… Nothing against the actor personally. In fact it’s more how the character was written that sucks. I literally almost want to knock the movie down a whole letter grade for this. Then we see “Deathstoke” and that was cool, and the “league of our own line” was good.


It’s not even that “Marvel” post credits scenes have be particularly great because many haven’t, but “Justice League’s” definitely weren’t better. Plus I don’t care what anyone says the one for “Spiderman: Homecoming” was funny as hell.

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