Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 08-28-18 Batman / Superman #01 , Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #01, Justice League #30

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:  

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews 

[ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 08-28-18 Batman / Superman #01,

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #01, Justice League #30


Batman / Superman #1

“Clark Kent” is at work at “The Daily Planet” when “Batman” calls him to the “Justice League” satellite. “Clark” Leaves immediately. As “Superman” flies to “The Justice League” satellite “Batman” says weird stuff about how they shouldn’t be friends. “Superman” gets to the “Justice League” satellite and everyone else in “The Justice League” is dead. As “Kryptonite” gas brings “Superman” to his knees we learn that the “Batman” talking to him is actually “The Batman Who Laughs”. This was a different Earth than the normal “DC” universe.

In the real “DC“ Universe “Superman“ meets with “Batman“ and “Commissioner Gordon“ to investigate a “Superman Who Laugh“ who kidnapped a kid named “Danny“. As “Batman“ and “Superman“ leave “Gordon gives a“ heh” that indicates he is infected with the stuff that makes people messed up like “The Batman Who Laughs”. Eventually “Batman” and “Superman” find “The Batman Who Laughs” lair under the spot where “Batman’s” folks got murked in “Crime Alley”. “Superman” smashes through the ground and they enter the lair. Then see that “The Batman Who Laughs” has special “batarangs“ that make people like him and he plans to turn all the other heroes into people like him. A kid dressed like one of “The Batman Who Laugh’s” “Robins” then attack “Batman”. The issue then ends as we learn this “Robin” is actually “Billy Batson” who becomes “The Shazam That Laughs”.

This wasn’t bad. Good artwork and both “Batman” and “Superman” are portrayed well. I’m a little over “The Batman Who Laughs” but this is interesting so far. B.

Recommendation: One You Should Put In The Maybe Pile

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #1

“Miles” and “Ganke” are window shopping at some store and “Miles” is fiending for some expensive shoes. “Scorpion” then attacks and “Miles” changes into his “Spider-Man” costume and fights him. They fight but then “Carnage’s” minions come to get “The Scorpion’s” “codex” from him. “Miles” then helps “The Scorpion” fight them off. The two realize these minions are “inmates from Ravenscroft” so “Miles” wants to be careful not to hurt these people. “The Scorpion” is like “fuck that noise” and starts murking them. Dude then betrays “Miles” by knocking him into a bunch of the minions and tries to break out. “Carnage” himself shows up and nearly gets the codex from “The Scorpion” but “Miles” saves him. Then “Venom” shows up, grabs “The Scorpion”, and bails leaving “Miles” by himself. Wow, dick move! After that, try as he might “Carnage” turns “Miles” into one of his minions. The art is not great, but this was okay. C.

Recommendation: One You Should Put In The Maybe Pile

Justice League #30

“Starman” tells the “Justice League” that “The Legion of Doom” will defeat them in three days and free “Perpetua”. He then says “this is not a dream. Not a hoax. Not an imaginary story”… If you get this reference you understand how this “joke(?)” messes up the tone of this scene.

Then pretty much every hero that wasn’t part of “The Justice League” becomes part of the team. We’re then given a recap of the dark forces that “The Legion Of Doom” unleashed and the positive opposites to that forces and how those forces are like “strings” to the “instrument that is the multi-verse”. “Starman” then reveals his staff is a piece of “The Totality” and with it, he can find two other pieces of it. One is in the future and one is in the past. With those pieces together they might be able to match the piece that “Lex Luthor” has. The plan he lays out is that the “main” “Justice League” will split into two groups to get “The Totality” pieces while all the other heroes prevent “The Legion Of Doom” from stopping them.

We see that through the power of the piece of “Starro” that “The Legion Of Doom” is on to the “Justice League’s” plan though. Back with “The Justice League”, we see that “Superman”, “Batman”, and “Wonder Woman” will go to the future while “Flash” and “Green Lantern” will go to the past. While that is going on “Mera” and “Hawkgirl” will go with “The Monitor” and “The World Forger” to convince “The Anti-Monitor” to help them. The two teams go to their respective times but then someone working for “The Legion Of Doom” disrupts the communications between the teams and jump into one of the portals.

We see “The Flash” and “Green Lantern” in the early twentieth century but there are flags with “The Legion Of Doom’s” symbol on them. We then see “Batman”, “Superman”, and “Wonder Woman” in the future where they get attacked with ionized “Kryptonite” by giant robots with “The Legion Of Doom’s” symbol on them. The three get saved by some kind of tiger men who are led by “Kamandi” “the last boy on Earth”. This comic then closes with “The Flash” and “Green Lantern” confronted by “The Justice Society Of America”. Overall pretty good. B. 

Recommendation: One You Should Put In The Maybe Pile


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