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[ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19

Ironheart #10


Ironheart #10

This issue starts with a nice gag. “Ironheart”, who is still in “Wakanda” after the last issue, calls her friend back home and tells her how great the technology in “Wakanda” is. The friend doesn’t care about that and wants to know “if the food slaps”. “Riri” then tells the friend that “she’ll try to bring her a plate” in so many words as she goes to a meeting with “Shuri” and (former “New Warrior” member) “Silhouette“. There’s then another nice gag as “Silhouette” refers to “Shuri” and “Riri” as “Shuriri”. This is pretty amusing because “Riri” and “Shuri” don’t like each other and “Riri” isn’t having it at all.

There’s then a lot of exposition about:

  • How the group “The Ten Rings” is trying to get to the “Wellspring Of Power” (which requires human sacrifice).
  • How powerful the “Wellspring Of Power” is. The answer is “very” BTW.
  • The connection of “Silhouette” and her brother (who is a member of “The Ten Rings”) “Midnight’s Fire” to “The Wellspring Of Power”.

They then decide to go find the “Wellspring”. After they argue if they should go by air or land they decide on land. They then go in a kind of ship/car… Let’s just call it a land vehicle. In the land vehicle “Silhouette” talks about her brother and mentions her father which brings up the sore subject for “Riri” that she’s lost both her father and stepfather. The vehicle then gets attacked by zombies and shadow monsters (created by another “Ten Rings” member “Eclipse”) from “The Ten Rings”. The three get and fight them. The fact that the zombies are “Wakandan” people so they can’t use lethal force plus the zombies and shadow monster are stronger because they are near the “Wellspring” lead to the three being overwhelmed. Luckily, “Okoye” is there to help them and they soon turn the tide. There’s no reason she would make that big of a difference but whatever…

“Ironheart” then flies off to scout the area but “Shuri” doesn’t approve of that because as they were arguing about before “Shuri” thinks “Riri” will get spotted. She calls “Riri” “stubborn” and “Okoye” calls “Shuri” out for being stubborn too. “Silhouette” then calls back the “Shuriri” gag from before and this pisses “Shuri” off. “Riri” returns and tells them there are energy readings to the west and they head there. Eventually, they find the “Wellspring” and it’s like this upside-down kingdom coming out of this pool of energy. “Silhouette” uses her powers to get them inside the wellspring and she then goes alone to do recon.

We then see “The Ten Rings” and they’re all wearing masks and cloaks as they stand in a circle around a circle of energy. “Eclipse” is hesitant because whatever they’re going to do might kill all of them and “Midnight’s Edge” is like “Yolo, bitch”. “Silhouette” then returns to the others and tells them she found “The Ten Rings”. She then says one of them was a man who looked like “Riri” suggesting that this is her thought to be dead father. We then end the issue with this man’s face.

Overall, this is a pretty good issue. The characterization is on point. I really love that “Riri” and “Shuri” don’t get along. It makes for interesting conflict and banter. In fact, they both should be part of “The Champions”. The villains aren’t super compelling though and the plot is a little overly complicated. The characters stuff combined with good art get this to a nice solid B.

Before getting to the recommendation I need to say these reviews are a work in progress for me. I’ve changed the title to this and the recommendations a few times already. After getting some comments from @planetxmen on IG. A lot of comics got the “maybe pile” recommendations and I’ve changed the recommendations again. Although I think all the comics, I gave that recommendation deserve it I can see how to some people might see that as a worse rating than I intended sometimes. To me “maybe pile” is “give it a shot if you’re interested”.  Anyway, the new recommendations will be:


  • One Of The Best Books You Can Buy (A+ to B+)
  • One Of The Better Books You Can Buy (B to B-)
  • One Of The Lesser Books You Can Buy (C+ to C)
  • One Of The Worst Books You Can Buy C- & Below) 


Recommendation: One Of The Better Books You Can Buy

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