Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?: New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews [ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19 Young Justice & Captain Marvel 10

Which Comics Are The Best Books You Can Buy?:

New Superhero Comic Book & Graphic Novel Ratings & Reviews

[ Marvel / DC Comics / Image / Indie ] 09-11-19

Young Justice & Captain Marvel 10


Young Justice #08

The “Young Justice” team is stuck on Earth-3. This is the one that the evil version of the “Justice League” the “Crime Syndicate” ruled. “Wonder Girl” fights that world’s version of her “Amaxon”. This world’s version of “Impulse”, “Speed Zone” narrates the story and from him, we learn that for unknown reasons the “Crime Syndicate” has left Earth-3. We also learn that “Amaxon” manipulated and enslaved this “Anti-Young Justice” to do her bidding“. “Jinny” and “Amethyst” then attacked by this world’s version of “Superboy”, “Luthor-El”. Regular “Superboy” then punches “Luthor-El” away as “Impulse” and “Speed Zone” race each other. “Amaxon” then kicks “Superboy” away. We then learn that “Luthor-El” had a theory that the “Crime Syndicate” was somewhere in the multi-verse so these “Anti-Young Justice” characters are looking for a map of the multi-verse. “Superboy” then gets up from the previous attack and attacks both “Luthor-El” and “Amaxon” knocking them both to the ground. ”Speed Zone” seems to be a sympathetic character that admires heroes like “Young Justice” and he sees that “Amaxon” is using the fact that “Luthor-El” and the evil “Robin” counterpart “Drake” want to bang her to control all of them. “Robin” and “Drake” fight and “Drake” nearly shoots “Robin” but “Impulse” saves him. There’s a nice joke where “Robin” says he thought “Impulse” was the “evil version of him”.

“Speed Zone” then grabs “Impulse” and races him away from “Robin”. Then it gets kind of confusing because “Speed Zone’s” narration tells how “social media” posts by “Drake” caused a bunch of gang activity and how “Speed Zone” has fought hard to oppose “Amaxon” and the others. During this part, “Robin” fights with people who I think are just gang people and not part of “Anti-Young Justice”. “Robin” gets rescued from being a shot again by some girl by this world’s “Batwoman” who is “Stephanie Brown”/”Spoiler”. This doesn’t really make sense because in this world “Batman” is “Owlman”. So her name should be “Owl-something” or something completely different. “Impulse” then “pulls a “Homer”” and punches “Batwoman” in the back of the head because he assumed she was evil.  


 Actually “pulling a “Homer”” implies “Impulse” succeeded at something. He was just being a dumbass. Then we see “Teen Lantern” fly away from her doppelganger “Hack” and “Jinny” gets cornered by “Drake” and “Jinny’s” doppelganger “Hex”. Then it looks like “Hex” shoots “Jinny” and the issue ends.

This issue wasn’t bad. In fact, I think this has been the best issue of this series so far. I found the opening arc kind of boring but here things are picking up. Once “Robin” meets “Drake” it is heavily implied the “Robin” will take that name too because “it’s a deadly bird” or something… Yeah, hard pass. That’s his actual last name… Not smart for keeping your secret identity. Plus, it’s just lame. “Red Robin” is fine. Or better yet, he can just be “Robin” and “Damian” can take another name. While I’m making suggestions, scrap “Teen Lantern” entirely. Everything about her is implausible and dumb. “DC” doesn’t need a fake “Riri Williams”… Oh, her origin is the focus of the next issue… Anyway, this gets a B.

Recommendation: One Of The Better Books You Can


Captain Marvel #10

In the last issue after agreeing to help “Minerva” “revive the now nearly extinct Kree race” “Carol” found “Minerva” nearly dead in her underground lair. With pick up “Carol” bringing “Minerva” to “Tony Stark”. She talks to “Rhodey” and “Tony” separately about what’s been going on with her and how she can’t put it all together. This includes:

  • Her being outed as a “Kree” to the public.
  • Her losing her military career after being outed.
  • Her losing her powers randomly
  • Her having a “Kree virus” in her chest along with a civilian girl she rescued.
  • The appearance of a hero with similar powers to hers named “Star”.

“Minerva” then wakes up and reveals she was behind all of it. Basically, it all was to get “Captain Marvel” on her side and to help bolster the “Kree” race. Reveals like this often end up being ridiculous (see “Ozymandias” in “Doomsday Clock”) but “Minerva’s” plan actually makes sense. Part of the plan was giving humans “Kree” powers and “Star” is one of those people. For “Star” the powers didn’t work so the virus or whatever in “Carol” siphons power from “Carol” to her. What comes down to is “Carol” loses her powers when “Star” is near. We then learned that “Star” was the one that nearly killed “Minerva” after she learned she was working with “Captain Marvel”.

All of this was pretty good then the book gets stupid and takes a nosedive. “Captain Marvel” then goes to Times Square and calls out “Star”.  “Star” comes and they fight… Why would she go alone to fight someone who makes her weak? Also, why do this (as the script points out) in a place with so many civilians? Eventually realizing that civilians will be hurt “Carol” flies them both into space. She then rips the thing out of her chest. Tf?! If she was going to do that then why not have it surgically removed before confronting “Star”?!

Anyway, this causes them both to fall to the ground, but this doesn’t kill either of them. “Star” then reveals she was the reporter that interviewed “Captain Marvel” in the first issue of this series and that she had a backup plan for getting power. She somehow is now getting power by infecting millions of people in New York with the virus “Captain Marvel” had. It seems the infection is spread through the rain as it is raining as “Star” says this. Wtf?! She got powers from “Captain Marvel” because she has powers. How the hell is she going to get powers from regular people?!

This started off good but fell apart at the end. The art was pretty good though. B-.

Recommendation: One Of The Better Books You Can Buy

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