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09-25-19 Powers Of X #5


Powers Of X #5

Starting off they waste about a third of the comic in the past with “Xavier” and “Forge” explaining the “how” of the whole thing from “House Of X” #5 where “Cerebro” is used to back up every mutant mind on the planet. It’s a dumb thing that ruins any stakes in this series so who cares?! On top of that, there are much bigger things that make no sense that haven’t been explained like the “Krakoan drugs” that were used to extort people into recognizing the “Krakoa” mutant nation. The only two things new here that an information page reveals are:

  1.  That “Xavier” does a “hard backup” of every mutant’s whole mind yearly and that this takes three days of undisturbed time for “Xavier”.
  2. And that twice “Xavier” has replaced his own mind with a “previous copy”.

Still in the past, we then see “Xavier” and “Magneto” meet with “Emma Frost” at The Lourve. This part is all about the “how” to the “Krakoan drugs” which are stupid and grossly out of character for “Xavier” anyway so again who cares?! They talk her into having “The Hellfire Club” distribute the drugs for boring legal reasons you couldn’t possibly care about. “Emma” gets offered a seat at the twelve-person council that will make up the mutant government. They also want “Emma” to bring in “Sebastian Shaw” who they wish to give a seat to as well. Basically, their plan is for “Emma” to deal with friendly nations and for “Shaw” to deal with unfriendly nations by “getting the drugs in, and the mutants out”. “Emma” wants someone (who isn’t revealed) to have a third seat before she will agree.

Next, we get another information page. These pages are lazy enough as is but it gets extra lazy here. We’re shown the list of names for the twelve-person council except many of the names (including “Emma’s” third person) are blacked out.  The only names we see are the people we already know “Xavier”, “Magneto”, “Emma”, and “Shaw”. These names are broken up into groups of three named after seasons. “Autumn” is “Xavier”, “Magneto” and some unknown person. “Winter” is all unknown people”. “Spring” is “Emma”, “Shaw” and “Emma’s third person. “Summer” is all unknown people. Complete waste of a page. If you don’t want us to know something then write around it or don’t show it to us. Or at least have an “in-universe” reason like someone found and is reading redacted files. This is such lazy shit! There’s then another page with numbers in brackets and a bunch of circles and the “X” logo. I’m not even going to pretend to know what this is supposed to be.


We then see “Xavier” extends his invitation to every mutant on Earth to live on “Krakoa”. He then personally gives his pitch to “Namor” through telepathy. The guy is a king why would he give that up to just be part of some other government. “Namor” is even more of a dick than normal and tells “Xavier” to pack sand until he “really feels superior to humans like he does”. Then we go to one thousand years in the future and good lord is this part insufferable to read. It’s just endless technobabble about blackholes being machines that connect to other machines or something. Basically though, “The Phalanx” accepts the “offer” but they’re going to eat the planet and kill everyone. Which is what I thought happened back in “Powers Of X” #1.  There’s then two information pages with more of this nonsense but I’m not wasting the time to describe it. I can’t see how it could possibly be relevant.

This sucked, but so has every issue of this story. This one was especially lazy though. This was bad, lazy filler and you deserve better. Once again, C-.

Recommendation: One Of The Lesser Books You Can Buy

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