Q-boy Short # 42 The Teacher And His Less Than Conventional Tactics

Q-boy Short # 42 The Teacher And His Less Than Conventional Tactics


This one’s a weird one if I say so myself… Here’s some explanations in case you don’t get some things…

Joseph Hubert is based loosely based on the legendary comic book artist Joe Kubert who is the father of the two great comic book artists Adam and Andy Kubert. He is also theĀ  founder of the Kubert School which is probably the most famous school to focus on cartooning and graphic art.

The idea behind this comic is making the school seem like the training area in the movie “Enter The Dragon”, or the area where Pai Mei trained Beatrice Kiddo in “Kill Bill”. “Kill Bill” also sorta inspired the whole thing with Joseph’s name in yellow, the codename, and the translation into Japanese.

The turtle shell thing is referencing one of the early parts of “Dragon Ball” where Goku and Krillin train with Master Roshi while where heavy turtle shells like he wears to get stronger.

Finally the whole “Joseph Hubert has joined the party” thing is a reference to role-playing video games, particularly Final Fantasy.

That’s pretty much it for this week. Next time we’ll see an example of Mr. Hubert’s work, and Q-boy and U’s girlfriends Miss Direction and Distaction Lass return… They aren’t happy… Hope you enjoy and see ya time!