Q-boy Short #31 Tantalizing Their Tits Off / The History Of Q-boy Part 29

Q-boy Short #31 Tantalizing Their Tits Off / The History Of Q-boy Part 29


So Eddy and Jerry are basically Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who basically created every character anyone cares about in the Marvel Universe.  I really like the idea of giving them this really contentious relationship.  This comic is based on the cover of Fantastic Four #1 which pretty much launched the Marvel Universe as seen below.

Fantastic Four #1 cover

So what’s Q-ball saying you might ask?  Well going by Google Translate he’s saying: “As a Mexican-American I am conflicted on illegal immigration. I am saddened by my people fleeing poverty and violence that are the side effects of US policies. Also many industries require illegal immigration because they do jobs no one else will do. I am also personally outraged by xenophobia and racism that is injected into the subject. On the other hand I understand the need for a secure border and improvements in the immigration process for legal immigrants like myself. Oh, yes, and I go by the name Q-ball and now is the time for Bruising!!!”

We’ll be seeing Eddy and Jerry for a while as we cover their contributions to Q-boy’s lore.  Anyways hope you enjoy, have a good Father’s Day, and see ya next time!



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