Q-boy Short #33 At Best This Is A Pissing Match / The History Of Q-boy Part 31 Censored)

Q-boy Short #33 At Best This Is A Pissing Match / The History Of Q-boy Part 31 (Censored)


Sorry to be little late with this one.  Anyways you might notice this one overall looks a lot clearer than the other comics.  This is because is figured out a better way to make the comics.  The next paragraph will be shop talk so if you not interested you can just skip it.

[ShopTalk] So I’ve mentioned in the past that I used Adobe Flash to draw and color the comics.  Usually after this I would export the image as a .png file, and then add all the dialog using Adobe Ilustrator.  This would lessen the quality of the comic some.  After this I exported the image again to Photoshop and turned the image into a .jpeg to lower the file size so that the image will load quickly here.  Basically I was lowering the quality of the image twice. What I figured out was that I could avoid lowering the quality of the image in the first time by exporting the image in Adobe Flash as a .svg file instead of a .png file [/ShopTalk]

So there’s a lot of stuff going on with this one.  This comic is mainly based on the image below…

Justice League of America v1 #87 pg 25 Heroes of Angor IIOne problem was  I didn’t any place for Q-boy.  Also this whole thing was about the Justice League fighting the Avengers, and really its not the Justice League with Superman and Batman.  So I also used elements from this…

jla183Still there was not place for Captain America and I wanted to include one other member of the Q-four besides Q-boy so I also took elements from this…

avengers_93_fvfSo that pretty much how it was made.  Oh yeah Q-ball is saying “eating at Arby before this fight was an unfortunate decision”.  Next time U makes so friends and fights some “uncanny” heroes.   Oh one more thing what did everyone think of Antman?  Overall it was not bad, the chick was annoying and it dragged in the middle but still not bad.  Anyways as always hope you enjoy and see ya next time.



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