Q-boy Short Holiday Special 2 – The Dimes Before Christmas… A Contest For Every Piece On Earth

Q-boy Short Holiday Special 2 –  The Dimes Before Christmas… A Contest For Every Piece On Earth


I honestly would like to do more holiday comics but I usually forget about it until it’s too late.  Christmas though is advertised so far in advanced that I actually have time to make one.  So I was racking my brain trying to come up with idea for a Christmas themed comic, and I woke one day and thought of “Superman: Peace On Earth” by Alex Ross, and then I thought of most of the rhymes which I quickly jotted them down.  I had recently rewatched Felicia Day’s web series “The Guild” on DVD and there was a special feature where they did their version of “The Night Before Christmas” so that inspired the rhymes.  Then I got the daunting/scary idea of actually trying to do the comic in a painted style like Alex Ross.  So I based the panels of the comic the following Alex Ross images…

So that’s that.  Since this will be the last post for this year I’d like to thank you all for reading these comics, and give an extra special thank you to all of you who have liked, retweeted, favorited, or shared these comics in any way.  I seriously appreciate it more than you can know.

As I mentioned in the last post I’ll be changing the name of these “Q-boy Shorts” comics to “The History Of Comics With Q-boy”.  Some other big plans for next year are the return of “The Bastardized Ninja” and the launch of a third comic “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations”. This new comic will be sorta like heroes and villians talking in the confessional room in a reality show. The plan for now is to continue the Q-boy comics until I get to the end of the Silver Age of Comics and then to take a break.  During that break The Bastardized Ninja comics will be posted.  With this new comic “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations” the plan is to post these comics 3 times a week between posts of the other comics… We’ll see how it goes.  Anyways I hope you enjoy, happy holidays and have a great new year!


Oh yeah and I saw Star Wars yesterday and it kicked ass!



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