Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #52 J-Pop & Mental Assassin On “Fresh-Men: Armageddon” & Their Names

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #52

J-Pop & Mental Assassin On “Fresh-Men: Armageddon” & Their Names


With “Batman V Superman” I said stuff about how the critics are usually right.  Let me preface this first by saying “RottenTomatos” score for “X-men: Apocalypse” is TWICE the score of “BvS” and the audience score is higher as well.  So yeah I’m saying it, the critics are wrong on this one. It’s a good movie.  Might even be the best “X-men” yet.  Does it have problems? Certainly (although so does “Civil War”)? But they are problems that are part of EVERY “X-men” movie. (I’ll probably go into those specific problems later this week). If the review is “”X-men” movies don’t measure up to the best Marvel movies” then yeah.  But NO movies do except “The Dark Knight” and “Deadpool”. And honestly the top 3 movies may be unbeatable. If you like “X-men” movies you’ll like this one. More important than anything “Wolverine” kills people.  And it is glorious!  You know that part in “X2” where he stabs that one guy and you desperately want more and they NEVER deliver! You get a nice taste here.

Moving on, this comic features the first appearance of my “Jubilee” and “Psylocke” characters.  Originally I was gonna name J-Pop, Time Bomb but I thought it was kinda weak.  I racked my brain for a while and finally came up with “J-Pop” which I like a lot better. Mental Assassin, isn’t a name I’m super thrilled with, but I established it somewhere else so I’m stuck with it and I can’t think of anything better.  As this comic shows a glimpse of, “Psylocke’s” history is super convoluted as she was originally a British woman who switched bodies with an Asian assassin woman  (and there’s a lot more).  I decided to just make her a British Asian assassin from the jump.  I went back and forth if she should be British and or speak with an accent.  Ultimately I thought the accent made her more interesting so I went with it.  I’m sure its pretty broken and  inaccurate British that’s a poor mix of different regions.  I actually tried to listen the “Essex” accent which is what I think Psylocke’s should be, but I couldn’t catch the specifics of it in a way you could write it.

Next time Ms. Majors, Proud Lion, and Drizzle discuss “Fresh-Men: Armageddon” and rumors of a certain romance. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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