Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #82 Spiderous-Man On Picking Sides

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #82

Spiderous-Man On Picking Sides


In the original story of “Spider-Man’s” origin from “Amazing Fantasy” #15 “Spider-Man” gets a taste of fame and immediately acts like a total dick. Then some criminal runs past him as some super old security guard is chasing him. For some reason it’s suppose to be his responsibility to stop the guy.  He easily could’ve, but it needs to be pointed out that he literally has seconds to do it. It’s one panel. The next panel the criminal is on the “express elevator”. Then “Spider-Man” REALLY acts like a dick and says “he’s only looking out for number one”. Then as we all know the criminal kills “Uncle Ben”.

It seems like every version since has tried to make “Spider-Man” more sympathetic, but it changes the lesson from “don’t act like a dick” to “let people push you around”.  In the first “Spider-Man” movie now the people the criminal stole from  just cheated “Spider-Man” out of money. Also the criminal usually has a gun in other versions of the story.  Even with his spider powers he ain’t bulletproof. So now “Spider-Man” is suppose to risk his life for people who cheated him otherwise he’s a bad guy?

With that we end this week. Next week check out new “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations” on Tuesday-Thursday. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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