Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 213 – Proud Lion, Freedom Female, & Admiral A On Spending Money

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 213 –
Proud Lion, Freedom Female, &

Admiral A On Spending Money


Brief Thoughts On The “Black Panther” Trailer

The “Black Panther” teaser trailer came out over this weekend. I didn’t see enough to make any real judgment about the movie yet. I’m little concerned about the obvious CGI of “Black Panther” in some parts. C’mon guys this ain’t “Spider-Man” 1. Got a feeling this is the movie where “Marvel” might slip up. I hope not, but no roll lasts forever…

Back To “Sailor Moon” Stuff

After a week’s break the “Sailor Moon” characters “The Celestial Admirals” return. Last week I finished both the “DiC” and “Viz” dubs of season 2 of “Sailor Moon” or “Sailor Moon R”… There’s a lot to get to and I’ll go more into them later. Here’s a tl;dr read list of things about it though:
  • I effin’ HATE Rini/Chibiusa. She’s up there with “Xander” from “Buffy”. That’s a whole rant in and of itself
  • Wait! “Sailor Moon” and “Tuxedo Mask” end up ruling the world?! Why is nobody saying anything about this?!
  • The fist arc with the brother and sister… That was filler right?! Cuz’ man was some of that lazy
  • Way to overcomplicate the plot with Steven Bannon and the “Death Phantom”
  • There’s a sailor scout that guards time?! What are the implications of this?! What is the nature and importance of their powers?
  • “Sailor Moon” and “Tuxedo Mask” RULE THE WORLD! What the hell?!
I also started on the “Cloverway” dub of season 3 or “Sailor Moon S”. What happened to “Sailor Moon’s” voice.?! It sounds like they took the original voice actress, and fired her. Then hired her grandmother, and punched in the throat before every take.
Tomorrow Freedom Female and Proud Lion talk with Space King and Spiderous-Man. They discuss investing and Proud Lion dishes out another saying. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!
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