Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 220 – Special-Girl, Freedom Female, & Admiral Star & Slowku On “Getting Around”

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 220 – Special-Girl,

Freedom Female, & Admiral Star & Slowku On “Getting Around”



“All Eyez On Me” : Back Reincarnated

I know I’m repeating myself, but I have say “All Eyez On Me” is a pretty good movie. It’s imperfect and not a “polished” as “Straight Outta Compton”, but it’s still pretty good. I’ve already covered the main legitimate complaint of critics which it’s a bit “jumpy”. Generally, they are WAY too harsh on this movie for some reason.


I’ll move on to the “civilian” complaints. Most of the complaints I’ve seen are nitpicky at best. Most of this is 2pac “Stans” trying to prove how much they know. Half the time they’re either wrong or are guessing about things. None of that is important because YES the movie uses creative license with some events. Here’s some random complaints I’ve seen:

  • Jada Smith’s complaints- There’s a scene where 2pac read her a poem that didn’t actually happen. Also there a scene where her character confronts 2pac backstage at a concert. Okay this is here to show 2pac’s poems without having to go into a long backstory about them. With the confrontation it’s to show she disapproved some some things Pac was doing. Which she did. All this is is saving time by condensing. There’s nothing “hurtful” like she claimed
  • Anachronisms- People have said some uses an “Iphone 7” and “NBA2k” game was in it. I didn’t notice either of these. If true it’s a genuine gripe. Not movie ruining but a couple real flaws
  • So I started watching one “Youtube” review about the movie and it starts with them going on and on about how 2pac worked in pizza shop. I stopped the video soon after that. That’s how trivial some of the complaints are. Sad part is the movie DOES acknowledge it.
  • “Hail Mary” performance- There’s a concert scene where the song is performed. The song wasn’t released until after 2pac and wasn’t performed at this specific concert. It was a way to include a performance of a fan-favorite song. Dumb complaint.
  • “Death Row East” – There’s conflicting reports about Pac wanting to leave “Death Row”. In some of his last interviews Pac talks about “Death Row East” and seem to want to work with “Death Row” for the foreseeable future. In the movie Suge offers to be partners with Pac and tells him he can run “Death Row East”. People say the “Pac running “Death Row East” thing isn’t true. Story-wise it simplifies the matter and gives Pac a concrete reason for staying with “Death Row”. Right or wrong it’s a choice that works to me
  • “Final Car Ride With Suge” – In the car ride before the 2nd shooting Pac plays some new (as in present day) song by his group “The Outlawz”. Supposedly, they were actually bumping “Hail Mary” at this time. The current “Outlawz” song is kinda shameless, but whatever those guys deserve some shine. Also when “2pac” is shot gospel music plays. I’m up and down on that choice, but again not a movie ruining thing.Tommorow, Special-Girl and Freedom Female return with Spiderous-Man and Admiral Fire. They discuss issues with Admiral Star. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!


In the end if you want accurate accounts of 2pac’s life there’s MANY movies people’s personal accounts of him. And MANY interviews with his own word. I think people wanted a movie as great as him. It’s not possible. Just the amount of material alone is too much for a single film. It’s a solid B movie, and if you haven’t seen it I recommend it.

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