Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 222 – Special-Girl, Freedom Female, Q-boy, Spiderous-Man & Slowku On “Splitting Custody”

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 222 – Special-Girl,

Freedom Female, Q-boy, Spiderous-Man & Slowku On “Splitting Custody”



How What Are Born?!


This whole week of comics is inspired by this tweet last week from Grover Norquist. If you don’t know who this is he the main “anti-tax” guy. Twitter quickly took to tearing this guy apart by schooling him on how taxes work. They showed him how sales taxes help to pay every part of getting the guitar. From road maintenance to police protection, to (if there’s still a music program) the class that would teach his kid to play the guitar.

Let’s go with this story though. Let’s say the sales tax in this story is 10%. I’m pretty sure the highest sales tax in any state is around 7% but let’s go with this to keep the math easy. The tax would be $3.50. Some parents would give the kid the extra money. Some would use this as a valuable lesson on how everything costs more than it seems. Grover here is an asshole and goes to “Twitter” to whine about it.

This isn’t what this argument is really about though. It’s really about how society works. Do we pay all pay a little extra to make society better or believe it’s “everyone for themselves”? Let’s adjust this story now… Let’s say the guitar now costs (an UNTHINKABLE) $50. In this world though, that extra money ensures that a poor kid whose parents have no insurance can get life-saving surgery. I figure even the stingiest parent gives their kid at least $15 a week for an allowance. So would you wait one week to save the kids life?

Some people would start with the excuses. “The parents don’t work hard enough”. “They should’ve worked harder in school”. The same school they don’t want to fund with taxes. The excuses are where it starts. That’s how assholes are born… Tomorrow these guys continue on. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

…Oh and happy 4th of July!

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