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Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 235 – Frag Count,

Freedom Female, The Innovator & Spiderous-Man On Salty Sally


Wonder Woman : Now They’re Just Getting Greedy

I’ve harped on “Wonder Woman” a lot, but the level to which it is overrated keeps ramping up. It has now gone from “ridiculous” to “fanatical”. It’s so bad that I thought maybe I was too harsh on it so I got a cammed version so I could watch it again… Nope it’s a C+ movie. At best. I wouldn’t give ya shit if you gave it a B, but it’s a C movie. I still need to re-watch “Man Of Steel” to see if it’s even the best “DCEU” movie. I went into pretty good detail about the flaws so I won’t bore you with that again. I’m not saying it’s completely without merit or it’s terrible. It has “heart”. Which is pretty much the film equivalent of “she’s got a nice personality”.

I bring all this up because supposedly now there’s a campaign for “Wonder Woman” to get an “Oscar”.



This is just greedy. You skated by on a mediocre movie. Don’t be like Trump. Take your “technical” win with some humility. Learn from the mistakes and come back with a movie that actually deserves the praise. Knowing how things work if it does get nominated it will probably get an “Oscar” for something. If this happens they should give it to the people who made “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2”. A movie that is better written, has more and better action, is funnier, and actually has more “heart” in it’s own way. So far it is BY FAR the best superhero movie this year.

Oh and as far as the comic, just in case it wasn’t clear Salty Sandy is basically “Petter Potts”. Tomorrow Admiral A, Admiral Star, The Good Knight, and Slowku discuss a contest and an induction. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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