The Bastardized Ninja Short # 32 3-Way Orgy Of Violence Part 9

The Bastardized Ninja Short # 32 3-Way Orgy Of Violence Part 9


Well there ya go folks the conclusion to the epic fight between The Bastardized Ninja and Yakuza Kim! Hope you enjoyed watching, and reading this battle as much I did making it.  It was long hard work, but so worth it as a saw the completed pages.  This is the big climax of what I’m calling season 1 of The Bastardized Ninja.  There’s still some resolution to see though.  What about the mobsters and that zombie gas in The Bastardized Ninja #28 ( or the censored version )? What about the clones we kept seeing?  And Yakuza Kim was sent back to ancient Egypt?!  This storyline 3-Way Orgy Of Violence gets 3 epilogues and then we close the chapter on this season of The Bastardized Ninja.  Next post is a new Q-boy Short were we meet Q-girl for the first time.  Hope you enjoy, and see ya next time.


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