Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #153 – Ms. Majors, Drizzle, & Luscious Trapp On “Scandal” And Other Stuff

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #153 – Ms. Majors, Drizzle, &

Luscious Trapp On “Scandal” And Other Stuff


This is it. Like for real no joke. Obama is gone after Thursday and Trump is the Goddamn president. There isn’t going to be any last minute save. The “rebels won’t come through with the plans”. This is it. Seriously, what’s the best case scenario? Our country just being an embarrassment until Trump’s impeached?

It still doesn’t feel real. There’d be a sadness to this week even if Hillary had won, but this is something else. The thing is though, through it all Obama himself still seems to have faith in us. He has no reason to. We failed him at pretty much every mid-term election, and we failed to hold on to his legacy. But still he has faith in us, he still has hope. The whole hope thing isn’t BS with him. That might be the thing I like best about him. That he was almost always steady and calm. Nothing was ever unfixable, a defeat was always temporary, a challenge was never impossible.

Okay more about Obama later this week on to this actual comic. So I originally thought “Scandal” started this week, but it’s actually next week. It’s a damn good show. Parts of the last few seasons have gotten ridiculous but other parts always keep it interesting enough that it’s worth watching. If you never watched it I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow these 3 return to talk about “Scandal” and maybe Obama a bit. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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