The History Of Comics With Q-boy #65 – The Last Distraction Of Distraction Lass (Update 6)

The History Of Comics With Q-boy #65 –

The Last Distraction Of Distraction Lass (Update 6)


Not sure exactly what image you’ll be seeing with this but it will from panel 2 of this comic. Finally finished watching “Iron Fist”. This show is getting a ridiculous amount of hate for being not great, but not terrible. Especially after seing this week’s “Supergirl” and “The Flash”. “Supergirl” was a normal crappy episode, but “The Flash”… Wow…

So this week’s episode of “The Flash” was the big “musical crossover” with “Supergirl”… I’m actually angry they wasted a whole episode on this. This was unacceptable in how horrible it was. This episode took most of what sucks about both shows and added crappy singing to it. That still doesn’t capture quite how bad this was.

Hollywood, sit down we need to talk… Musical episodes… Stop doing them! There are only 2 shows ever that did them well. “Buffy” which did it by far the best, and “Daria” did a pretty good one. You people aren’t Joss Whedon. It’s almost an automatic fail episode even trying. DON’T!

Here’s the real kicker though. You think the whole singing part is over and… “Barry” sings a WHOLE GODDAMN SONG to “Iris” and then proposes AGAIN… The only realistic ending is “Iris” getting so dry she instantly dies of dehydration. Her laughing hysterically and leaving “Barry” never to return would’ve also been acceeptable.

Then they actually try to sell the songs to this garbage. FOH!

That’s it for this week. Check out another update to “The History Of Comics With Q-boy” on Monday. Then on Tuesday-Thursday we’re back with new “Criminal And Crimefigher Conversations”. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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