The History Of Comics With Q-boy #65 – The Last Distraction Of Distraction Lass (Update 9)

The History Of Comics With Q-boy #65 –

The Last Distraction Of Distraction Lass (Update 9)


More than likely what you’ll be seeing now is the first section of the final panel of this comic. This panel is actually 3 seperate panels.


This weekend I’ll try to finish this whole comic, and that will be the update for Monday.


On to some comic show talk. First the positive stuff. Gotta say the “Legends Of Tomorrow” finale was pretty good. Again I must applaud the VAST improvement over the first season.

Now… Sigh! Let’s get to it…. “Agents Of Shield” came back… Why can’t this show stay away forever?! Or better yet make is not part of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”. The loose connection to it is the only thing this forces me to slog through this every episode. This reminds me of something some guy on “Twitter” tweeted. It was about how “Skye” should’ve been the main chick in the “Ghost In A Shell” movie. As I said in my reply to this I don’t care about “Ghost In A Shell”. To me the original anime was well animated, but I was never super big on it. Anyways, I replied to that tweet with a gif of “Michael Scott” screaming “no!”.


The characters on this show are terrible. There’s nothing you can do with them. You can throw in “Ghost Rider”. (Horrible waste of a character). You can change reality. It doesn’t matter. These characters are dull. Oh and unless “Ward” actually alive and the last 3 seasons of this show were a dream. Don’t bother bringing him back. It’s annoying at this point.

That’s it for this week. As stated before, there will another update on this comic on Monday. Check out “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations” on Tuesday-Thursday. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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