Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 282 – Barbarious, The Smasher, Frag Count, And Quickie On …

Criminal And Crimefighter

Conversations 282 – Barbarious, The

Smasher, Frag Count, And Quickie

On Reasons To Celebrate




I’ll just go to the end first on this. It’s a B. A B with an asterisk. See when I went to see “Wonder Woman” the reviews were REALLY good. Suspiciously good, but I figured the movie had to be at least pretty good. It wasn’t and isn’t and it made me pretty mad. If I’m going to see a mediocre movie I don’t want to expect something good and be disappointed. For “Justice League” even with it bad reviews I wanted to make sure this didn’t happen again. So I made sure I went in expecting absolutely nothing. I watched some “Batman V Superman” to set my expectations as low as possible beforehand and then I went to see “Justice League”.

Throughout the movie I had to stop myself from thinking about how easily it could’ve been MUCH better and had not think about “The Avengers” at all. “Justice League” isn’t particularly great in any way, but at least it wasn’t boring, dull, and colorless like the other “DCEU” films. Though he looks stupid and is nothing like any version of “The Flash” he was far less annoying than I thought he was gonna be. He was actually okay. “Superman” was actually in it more than I thought he would be. I literally thought he wasn’t going to show up until the very end. The scenes that were obviously written by Joss Whedon really help to turn this group of heroes into an actual team. The side characters don’t hog up too time (although Martha Kent didn’t need to be in it and Lois could’ve been in it far less). The villain is weak, but I expected him to be weaker.

That’s the nice part…. Problem is, this is the goddamn “Justice League”. This should’ve been mind-blowingly great. I mean this should’ve been “The Avengers” on steroids. This is potentially a much more powerful team. These are the OG’s man! Well, besides the “Justice Society”, but still. This is what we have though and this is the best the “DCEU” has to offer.

For some quick comparisons

  • “GotG Vol. 2 – WAY better than “Justice League”. Still comic book movie of the year
  • “Thor: Ragnarok” – Better that “Justice League”
  • “Spider-man: Homecoming” – About even. “Justice League” has more action, but “Spider-man” has a better villain, is overall written better, and has “Iron Man”
  • “Wonder Woman” is worse. WAY more boring. WAY more “Writing 101” problems

Tomorrow, we finally meet The Underwater Monarch in these comics. He’s joined by Freedom Female and Frag Count as they discuss a possible “Rotten Tomatos” conspiracy.

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