Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #84 The Minstrel, Q-boy, & Nodachi On The Struggle To Eat Healthy

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #84

The Minstrel, Q-boy, & Nodachi On The Struggle To Eat Healthy


“Katana” is a woman named after a sword so I just picked a different sword for this chatacter based o her, “Nodachi”. A nodachi is a super long sword like the one the “Sephiroth” from “Final Fantasy VII” uses.

So the general idea about this comic was making fun of attempting to make this comic more like a “normal” webcomic (many of which are focused on gags based around relatable topics).  Enough of this, back to talking about “Suicide Squad”. Let’s get to “Harley Quinn”.

In previous comics I made it pretty clear I wasn’t a big fan of “Harley Quinn” being part of “Suicide Squad” or her costume changes over time.  It just makes no logical sense why anyone would pick “Harley Quinn” to be part of “Suicide Squad”. She is unstable, unpredictable, and has no powers.  If any fairly athletic chick with a bat can make your black ops team you need to shut that team down and start over.

“Katana” much like “Jubilee” in “X-men: Apocalypse” is given very little to do. I think she only has two lines that are actually in English.  She’s just kinda thrown into it, and that’s it…

“Captain Boomerang” is given the big intro treatment (that leads to a “Flash” cameo (and he still looks stupid)) that “Deadshot” and “Harley Quinn” get but again he doesn’t do much.  There’s no part of this movie that really required the use of a boomerang.

“Killer Croc” looks really stupid and barely even speaks. I wish they made him like the version in “Batman The Animated Series” but that’s purely personal preference because that’s the version of the character I know.  He does actually use his special abilities by swimming through the sewer at one point (you don’t see it) and using his strength to throw something.

The other characters I either covered last time or it would be spoilery to talk about them much. The villain is stupid and their plans completely change without explanation. The plot shows no need for this particular group of characters besides maybe “El Diablo”. The action is weak. These so called “worst of the worst” are actually pretty tame and damn near heroic. All that and all the humor falls flat.

We’ll finish up with “Suicide Squad” as Q-boy, The Minstrel and in his first appearance (the “Joker” character) The Mad Jester discuss dating. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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