Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #39 Frag Count & America-Man On Frag Count’s TV Show (Censored)

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #39

Frag Count & America-Man On Frag Count’s TV Show (Censored)


Marvel gets it.  It’s just that simple. They played coy with us for a while but we’re getting the “Punisher” show.  They give us a taste of something awesome and then give us more of it.  DC seems to have the opposite approach… We saw “Man Of Steel” and were like:

“Um we like the action… Like good job on that, but um… The movie seems kinda dark and gloomy… Which is odd for a Superman movie.  Also Superman’s folks should encourage him to save people cuz’ that’s kinda the whole point of Superman… See he’s like a God but he’s a hero because of the people that raised him.  And again the 20 minutes of action were great but there a lot of really boring stuff… Also Superman probably should actually save people and shouldn’t kill people. Especially not in his first adventure… And if he does have to kill… It has to be a really big deal…. In fact you guys should really start over.  Ya know you got this show “Arrow” that people like… You should base your movies in that universe.  And you know how Marvel has the little scenes after the credits. We really like those.”

DC replied with the giant “Eff you!” that is “Batman V Superman”.  “Oh you didn’t like our Superman movie, well we’re gonna screw up Batman too! And for complaining here our Lex Luthor! Now take this movie and like or you don’t even want to know we’ll do to Wonder Woman”.

“You know you already have a Flash people really like…. Nevermind”.

So anyways “Civil War” comes out this week. And wow does it look good. And the reviews are even better. People are saying it’s the best comic book movie yet.  Can it possibly dethrown “The Dark Knight” as the best comic book movie?  I hope to find out on Saturday.  Tomorrow (unless plans change) Special-Girl, White Swallow, and Quickie talk about an appearance on Quickie’s TV show.  Hope you enjoy, and see ya then!

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