Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #49 Special-Girl, White Swallow, & Quickie On Quickie’s Show’s Season Finale & More Bad Bios

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #49

Special-Girl, White Swallow, & Quickie On Quickie’s Show’s Season Finale & More Bad Bios


Did ya’ll see the finale to “The Flash” last night?  It was…. I dunno… Most of this season there was something about the show I couldn’t put my finger on that just wasn’t right.  In fact its several things.  First is the non-sense science. Of course there’s going to be some in a show like this but I think it’s gone off the rails.  The past remnants or whatever (and being able to kill them) being one of the biggest ones.  Then there just this sense that the same things are happening over and over again.  “Zoom” just isn’t different enough from “Reverse Flash”.  The whole he’s a father like mentor who turns on him and is actually his enemy.  This person kills one of his parents in the house he grew up in , etc.

Then there’s the finale itself (spoilers ahead so you may wanna skip this paragraph if you haven’t watch “The Flash” yet).

The episode tried to “have it’s cake and eat it too” a few times.  They try to to make a big deal out of the fact that a past remnant of “The Flash” sacrifices himself (with a nice nod to “Crisis” though), but it just doesn’t work.  Barry’s fine, he standing right there.  Then maybe I missed something but why did “Zoom” want to destroy the multi-verse? Last time I checked he wanted to rule other Earths. Then last episode Zoom killed Barry’s dad, but wait the man in the mask his dopplegagger AND the real Jay Garrick.  Really?!  Then there’s Iris.  So after all this Barry’s like “we can’t date cuz’ I need to find myself” or something.  Look I can buy the Speed Force, time travel, and multiple universes, but saying you’re not gonna be with a chick THIS hot that you’ve been pining after pretty much your whole life cuz’ “you need to find yourself” I can’t.  Way beyond suspension of disbelief.  Oh and we end with Flash going back in time to the day his mom died (again!) and this time saving her. Which will almost certainly create a “Flashpoint”-like dystopian world so he’ll have to go back (AGAIN!) and reverse it. Maybe he’ll change things so “Supergirl” is in the “Arrow-verse” though which would be cool at least.

(end spoilers)

So back to DC’s “Rebirth” event one of the main things happening in it is the return of Wally West.  Gotta say Wally West in my Flash.  Oh yeah and the kid who plays him on the show really sucks.  I forgot to mention that. Anyways Wally is back, but it looks like he’s gonna be “Kid Flash” or some other not-quite-The-Flash.  That kinda sucks.  Enough of this, tomorrow “The Minstrel” discusses some rumors about “The Mad Jester” and some female-led movie her character is suppose to star in. Hope you enjoy and see ya tomorrow!

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