Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #83 Frag Count, Death Poll & Kill Screen On The “Chain Gang Improbable” Movie

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #83

Frag Count, Death Poll & Kill Screen On The “Chain Gang Improbable” Movie


So “Kill Screen” is my “Deadshot” character. I figured I’d continue with the video game theme I started with “Frag Count” being my version of “The Punisher”… More importantly though…

Here’s the short review of “Suicide Squad”… It’s “passable”… It’s not terrible but’s its nowhere near good. Since the comparisons have to be made I don’t think it’s even as good as “Marvel’s” worst move “Thor: The Dark World”. Which I’d say is a “C+” movie at best.

Now the long review… If this movie came out 10 years ago it might have been considered “pretty good”. This would be in the days when comic book movies got bonus points for having “comic accurate costumes”, and small references as Easter eggs. If this movie came out before “Deadpool” it might have been a lot less disappointing as well. To be kind I’ll start with the good:

  • The soundtrack is pretty good
  • Will Smith actually did a decent job. I thought I was gonna feel like “that’s Will Smit in a costume” the whole movie
  • “Harley Quinn” didn’t end up as annoying as I thought she might
  • Though I didn’t like this version of “The Joker” I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would

That’s pretty much it.  It never got super boring or do inexcusable things like “Man Of Steel” or “Batman V Superman” did, but those movies at least had some cool fight scenes. Generally, all the fighting has the camera too close so you can’t really see anything and most of the fighting isn’t with “real people” (boo!). Also most of the “Squad” doesn’t really do anything, and “the problem” could have been solved with any well-trained group of soldiers with missiles. Also things are “oversold” a lot in this movie. We get teased repeatedly about “El Diablo” using his powers and when he does (which is way too early in the movie to be effective) you’re like “that’s it?!”. They pointless say “Harley Quinn” is crazier and more fearless than “The Joker” (*eyeroll*). “Deadshot’s” daughter writes him EVERYDAY (gtfoh!). “Amanda Waller” is SO mean and badass… But then she does something super nice for “Deadshot” and “Harley Quinn”.

That’s where I’ll stop for now, and I’ll continue tomorrow. Next time Q-boy is called in to bring these conversations back on track and keep things focused on relatable topics as he speaks with The Minstrel and (new “Katanna” inspired character) Nodachi. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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