Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #132 Special-Girl, Mr. Mystic, & Luscious Trapp On Who Voted For Who

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #132

Special-Girl, Mr. Mystic, & Luscious Trapp On Who Voted For Who


Let’s talk about some pretty unrelated comics. “Civil War II” 7 came out last week and I saw a pretty glowing review of it on Supposedly, this issue was suppose to turn the whole thing around (Note: SPOILERS AHEAD)… Nah, son.  This series is just dumb.  It starts with the guy that can predict the future that everyone is fighting over suddenly being about to actually go to the future/other realities and he’s in the “Old Man Logan” world. Starting off with “Inhumans” and “Old Man Logan” that’s 2 big minuses in my book. The guy talks to “Old Man Logan” and he’s a dick to the guy and won’t answer his questions. “Logan” then says something like “Stark pushes her to far” or something. This part feels like it’s they just needed to add pages. Then we pick up from last time where it was predicted that “Miles Morales” kills “Captain America”. So naturally everyone involved does whatever they can so that doesn’t happen. Oh wait no “Miles” and “Cap” meetup right where this is suppose to happen “to prove that it won’t happen”. “Captain Marvel” once again being reasonable and fair calls off cops from taking “Miles” in and tries to get “Miles” away so he doesn’t end up somehow killing “Captain America”. Then “Iron Man” attacks her in some “Hulkbuster” version of “War Machine’s” armor. Then it looks like “Captain Marvel” kills “Iron Man”. Dumb!

“Death Of X” 4 also came out. The whole series comes down to this. “Cyclops” is dead and his death is lamer than the death most people think he had. Also the “Inhumans” aren’t just terrible character their terrible people as they actually fight the “X-men” so they can’t stop this cloud that’s killing them because it creates more “Inhumans”. Dumb!

Tomorrow Lou and Mystic see who Quickie and Hell’s Hunter voted for. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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