The 3rd One: A Vaguely Defined Q-boy Holiday Special Ft. @TheGoofyArtist as “Manic Dynamic Gore Mistress Anime Girl Zee”

The 3rd One: A Vaguely Defined Q-boy Holiday Special

Ft. @TheGoofyArtist as “Manic Dynamic Gore Mistress Anime Girl Zee”


The main thing with this one is I wanted to draw some action and I wanted to show some of the characters you may have seen in “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations” in action. The original idea was Q-boy talking to Special-Girl but as this comic points out that is pretty similar to the first holiday special. So I watched an IG story by this comic’s special guest Zee Bee aka @thegoofyartist where she talked about holding a door for this girl and the girl not saying thank you. For some reason that made the whole story click for me.  So I wrote this up and messaged Zee about it, and she gave me the okay to do it which was very cool of her. Cuz’ I couldn’t blame her at all it she was was like “no *block*”.

Speaking of her, let me properly introduce our special guest. Zee is someone whose work I ran into on “Twitter” a few years ago. She had a cool art style and she seems to have the same weird attention span problem that had her doing multiple webcomics like I do. Fast forward a few years and she likes I few of my pics on IG and I’m like “oh this chick, yeah I’ll follow her”. From following her on IG I find that she’s become this coloring/ animation master. She’s also pretty funny (the holidayclapbacks are always good for a laugh) and has a good taste in shows (“Dragonball”, “Simpson”, “Archer”, etc.). Mainly though she just has this slightly manic happy exuberant energy.  She does do the dog filter thing though… I don’t think girls her age can help it though.  Again thanks Zee, this holiday special doesn’t exist without you.

As for the moral of this story, do the right thing because it makes you feel good or because is makes logical sense.If we all do that 2017 will be better than last year. Let’s try to make it good one! Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

Twitter, IG, Fliparam: @rjoynesjr

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