Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 176 – Special-Girl, Weirdera, Apex & Quickie On Clones

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations 176 –

Special-Girl, Weirdera, Apex & Quickie On Clones


With “Logan” being the big comic book movie I thought about how “X23” is a clone. This made me think of other clones such a “Bizraro”. Hence we now had “Weirdera” a sort of “Bizarro” version of Special-Girl.

Let’s not switch subjects without warning to “Inhumans VS X-men”. So this series finally ended last we and I must say “bravo “Marvel”. You did the impossible. You took a situation where there were only the following options:

  • All mutants die as the planet is uninhabitable for them. This is because the “Terrigen” mist the creates “Inhumans” kills mutants for some reason. This mist was also going to affect the whole planet for some reason. This, of course, was never going to happen
  • All mutants where going to have to leave Earth for the same reasons. This more than likely was never going to happen, but they could’ve been dumb enough to do this.
  • Everything goes back to status quo making all this completely pointless

“Marvel” did option 3, but in a way that is took creativity to make it worse. The “Inhumans” finally discover that the mist will make Earth unlivable for mutants. So they “kindly” let the X-men use their convienient “deus ex machina” machine to fix everything. It even has a big red button. Well problem solved and all this was pointless… But wait there’s more!

“Emma Frost” isn’t satisfied and wants revenge for the death of “Cyclops”. So she has these “Sentinels” programed to kill “Inhumans” kill a bunch of them. All you see is some ships blow up.

Also they are none of the “Inhumans” anyone cares about. So even if you wanted to care the comic doesn’t let you. We then end with “Emma Frost” in her normal black lingerie costume but also with a “Magneto” style helmet. The helmet also has “X visor” thing that the last version of “Cyclop’s” costume had. So that’s about 20 years of character development for “Emma Frost” down the drain. She’s a straight up villain again. Making a comic pointless is easy making one that’s pointless and destroys characters… That takes work.

Tomorrow, all these guys return to talk more about clones. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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