Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #85 The Minstrel, Q-boy, & The Mad Jester On Dating

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #85

The Minstrel, Q-boy, & The Mad Jester On Dating


So here I introduce my version of “The Joker” that I’ve been hinting at for some time, The Mad Jester. With that let’s get to “Suicide Squad’s” version of “The Joker”.

“DC” had an impossible task in trying create a new “Joker” for their movies after Heath Ledger’s performance in “The Dark Knight”.  It was the key part in what is still the greatest comic book movie ever made. I guess it’s natural to want to go in a very different direction because of this.  I think they went too far. The thing with this “Joker” is that I just don’t see “The Joker” as someone who would sit still long enough to get tattoos, or meticulously place knives so he can lay around them.  Then there’s the fact that this “Joker” seems to have limitless resources and seems capable of doing pretty much anything.  Really make you wonder what the hell “Batman” has been doing in this case.

Then there’s this “Joker’s” relationship with “Harley Quinn”.  To me a big part of their relationship is that “The Joker” treats her badly and it’s arguable if he even cares about her at all.  In this movie this is certainly not arguable.

A good version of “Suicide Squad” should be a pitch black comedy. This movie is more like a bunch of anti-heroes proving they’re actual heroes. Honestly, at the end of the day this movie just feel lazy. Like someone made decisions thinking “we got “Will Smith”, “Harley Quinn”, “The Joker”, & “Batman” cameos we don’t need a compelling villain, or things for the other characters to do, or plausible reasons for these characters to be in this group. I’ll end by repeating that the movie isn’t terrible, but if you’re willing the settle for “not terrible” you really need to reexamine what you’re doing.

That’s it for this week. Next week we start off with a new “The History Of Comics With Q-boy” where we see an adventure that involves (my other character whose comic is currently on hiatus) “The Bastardized Ninja” as he encounters several lady villains including The Minstrel.  Then on Tuesday-Thursday there’ll be more “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations”. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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