The History Of Comics With Q-boy #52 The Colorful Countess AKA The Secret Weapon

The History Of Comics With Q-boy #52 The Colorful Countess AKA The Secret Weapon


Marlene Severie is based on Marie Severin whose was one of very few female comic books artists during the Silver Age of comics. She started out as a colorist and eventually moved on to doing penciling and inking.  She is probably best known for her work on Marvel’s comedy magazine “Crazy” and the comedy comic “Not Branch Echhh”.  She also helped to co-create the original Spider-Woman.

Panel 4 is based on two panels from two pages from Not Brand Echhh #3 (panel 3 on the first page and panel 5 on the second page) which you can check out here

I hear some people have been talking about that 3rd Captain America movie that came out…. So yeah I ended up seeing it twice on Saturday.  Some have said it’s the best Marvel movie… Other say it’s the best comic book movie period…. Does it live up to the talk…. Is it truly the greatest of the great?

(spoilers ahead)

Well first to be very clear it is a very good movie.  BvS can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence. The big showdown is absolutely awesome and ranks up with the best fights ever…. But no it’s not the best comic book movie.  It’s not the best Marvel movie.  It’s not even the best Captain America movie.  Marvel’s weakness in it’s movies are usually the villains and this one has a very weak villain with a plan that make little sense and with a weak motivation.  The big problem with this movie is in trying to keep the villain and their plans mysterious is make them confusing. Here some other nitpicky stuff

  • The movie tries to be a Captain America movie but it really should’ve been named “Captain America & Iron Man : Civil War”, “Avengers: Civil War”, or “Marvel’s Civil War”
  • Cap’s position is dumb.  I just can’t get behind it. They make Tony and the government go too far, but it just seems like there was a way to easily comprimise
  • Wanda literally just killed a bunch of people and Tony is like “she should lay low for a bit” and Cap’s reaction is like “you MONSTER!”
  • Aunt May being young and hot just feels wrong.  I think it’s important that Aunt May is kinda old and frail and Peter always has to worry about taking care of her.
  • Spider-man in general could have been fit in more neatly. You just change the “college” speech/grant scene to a “gifted student” scene and have Tony see something that gets him to figure out Peter is Spider-man
  • They just kinda wasted Crossbones
  • The kiss with Agent 13 didn’t feel earned
  • Kinda weak to introduce all these “other Winter Soliders” and then do nothing with them

The unsung hero of the movie is Falcon. He really kicks ass in the movie.  I was really cool seeing a more “typical” Avenger’s mission. No one feels like the they were over powered and underpowered in the fights. One small exception is toward the end when Iron Man and Cap are fight it seems like Iron Man’s armor suddenly get damaged way easier than normal. I’m not sure where I rank this movie about I think the top 5 comic books movies are…

  1. The Dark Knight (honestly may be unbeatable with Heath Ledger’s “Joker”)
  2. The Avengers (also may be unbeatable because you can never recapture the magic)
  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (just plain a great film. Avengers only beats it because it has all the other heroes)
  4. Guardians Of The Galaxy (another just plain great film. Cap 2 only beats it out because it’s darker and he end credits scenes are better.  It’s that close)
  5. Deadpool (pretty much every second is violence, something funny, or both. Honestly this might rank higher if I re-watch all these)

Next time with see the comic Marlene created with features a big fight with Kill-man.  Also Tuesday-Thursday new Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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