Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #162 – Special-Girl, Quickie & Apex On “Going Dark”

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #162 –
Special-Girl, Quickie  & Apex On “Going Dark”

If you’re thinking Special-Girl’s story was a bit “on the nose” then yeah I get ya. I sorta mentally debated it myself. Ultimately, I thought her being tended to by a Muslim couple added something interesting to Special-Girl. If you actually see the cover of the comic where “Supergirl” first appears it looks like a pretty horrible crash. So much so I made fun of in this comic here .

I got pretty behind on comics and read a few from like 2 weeks ago. I read “Civil War II: The Oath” and wow… “Marvel” you need to just let all of this go. This is bringing down your whole line. This whole “Secret Empire” thing they’re leading up is combination of 2 already used ideas. “Captain America” running “Sheild” and bad guys running “Sheild” (cuz’ “Cap’s” history is still rewritten so he’s a member of “Hydra”).  Just make “Cap” regular “Cap” again already, and let’s completely move on from “Civil War II”. It didn’t work, let it go. Then there’s “Inhumans V X-men”… I just don’t how this can have a satisfying ending. They’re not going to get rid of most “Inhumans” and they’re not going to kill off most mutants. So what we’re just back to right where we are? On the plus side, again I recommend “Infamous Iron Man”.  That’s some good comic.

Tomorrow Quickie is out and Jade Archer is in as this discussion of “going dark” continues. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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