Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #66 Special-Man, Q-boy, & Slowku On Slowku VS Special-Man

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #66

Special-Man, Q-boy, & Slowku On Slowku VS Special-Man


“Goku” VS “Superman”.  The debate over who would win has raged endlessly.  Truthfully I don’t think the question is really answerable.  When you say “Superman” there’s a least 4 different versions to consider

  • “Pre-Crisis” – Given more and more powers over time to compete with rival characters like “Captain Marvel/Shazam”. Able to do stuff like juggle planets. Basically unbeatable
  • “Post-Crisis”/ “Pre-Flashpoint” – The “Superman” most of us would know best from comics as this version of Superman  from 1986 to “DC Comic’s” “Flashpoint” event.  Strangely enough, since “DC Comic’s” “Rebirth” event this is now the current version of “Superman”.  Comics gotta love em’.
  • “New 52” – Version of “Superman” from “Flashpont” to “Rebirth”.  So the “newest” version of “Superman”, but around for the shortest amount of time.  Supposedly dead for now.
  • “TV/Movie Versions” – Tends to be much weaker than other versions.  Generally, requires effort to lift things like planes or space shuttles.

Then with “Goku” there’s issues of what is considered cannon and what isn’t.  Generally, “Dragonball GT” is considered not be cannon because “Dragonball’s ” creator Akira Toriyama had little to do with it.  The most recent series “Dragonball Super” is generally cannon though.

The website “ScrewAttack” did an episode of it’s “Death Battle” series where “Goku” and “Superman” fought which really re-ignited this debate.  Personally, I think “Goku” very under served in the video. You can see the video here

This guy “Kakarot88” did an incredibly long and detailed post on how this battle was flawed.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the entire post exists anymore and I can only find a (relatively) small portion which you can check out here . From what I remember his conclusion was that cannon “Goku” (this was before the recent “Dragonball” movies or “Super”) could not defeat “Superman, but non-cannon “Goku” (as used in the “Death Battle” video) who can become “Super Sayian 4” and use the “Dragon Fist” attack (an attack only used in movies and “GT”) could defeat “Superman”.  To me in the post it was being extremely conservative with “Goku’s” abilities, and as accurate as possible while giving “Superman” every advantage from sources that may or may not be cannon for him.

Also while writing this I discovered “Screw Attack” did a sequel to this battle (which you can check out here ). So I’m going to watch that and continue this…

*elevator music*

Even worse than the first one.

It doesn’t matter that “Superman” wins it’s that “Goku” is underpowered.  Examples are given of “Superman” lifting “infinite weight”, but it’s not mentioned that “Goku’s” punches with the God “Beerus” are felt across the universe (and into other planes of existence).  And this is before “Goku” becomes “Super Saiyan Blue”.

Anyways that’s it for this week.  Next week starts off with a new “History Of Comics With Q-boy” where a man known as “The Illustionist” is enlisted to help after trouble comes to Q-boy Comics.  Then there will be new “Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations” Tuesday-Thursday. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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